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Across town. Bethesda, Maryland, 9:38 PM. Doggett's on a stakeout, watching an abandoned-looking old building. He glances into his rearview mirror in time to watch Moronica pull up behind him. He looks pained to see her. She gets out of her car and hops into the passenger seat of his. "What do you have?" she asks. "Crabs. What do you have?" "The Clap." Actually, Doggett explains that "the source" called him on his cellular phone. Doggett put a trace on the call, and got "a node." He really ought to get that checked out. Anyway, there's only one occupied building in said node -- the one they're staking out. "Say this source is for real, and this is Mulder's chance to come home," Moronica intones. "We spook the spook, and maybe that chance goes away. Or worse, it drives Mulder deeper." Doggett nods absently, and looks up as a car comes down the street. It parks in front of the staked-out building, and a man hops out and runs inside. It's Mr. Mallory. Sans baby. "What are you doing?" Moronica asks, looking at Doggett's hand on the door handle. Doggett says that he's going to look in Mr. Mallory's vehicle. "I'll say it again. What we risk is compromising Mulder's return," Moronica says. Um, who talks like that? It's not like I'm at my job, all going, "I'll say it again, Fred. What we risk is losing the Parkinson account." Doggett smirks. "I don't plan to get caught," he tells her, and hops out of the car.

Inside Stakeout Central. It's like a fancy underground technological surveillance center -- some kind of secret government bunker. Mr. Mallory greets his co-workers and settles in at his desk. His neighbor, who's half in shadow, asks after "the wife and kid." Mr. Mallory lies that "everybody's good." The Shadowman (for that is what 1013 is calling him) glances at his computer monitor, which reveals surveillance-camera footage of Moronica and Doggett snooping around Mr. Mallory's car. How much do I wish this shadowy figure would reach into his blazer pocket, take out his pack of Morleys and light up? Come on, everyone knows CSM's not dead. Hey, maybe Mulder's staying with him! They're all sitting around, talking about the good old days and complaining that they never get to leave the house anymore. By the end of the first week as roommates, Mulder's lighting CSM's cigarettes for him, and they're playing a primitive game of one-on-one using a trash can and balled up pair of athletic socks.

More surveillance footage of Scully walking the perimeter of the lonely, lonely train station. What's going on here? Is she becoming a streetwalker? Oh, look! Moronica is there, right by the vending machine! And so is a man! A tall, tall man! It must be Mulder!

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