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Quantico. Scully's teaching a small class something about a dead body. Enter Doggett, who just can't stop walking into Scully's classes, clearly. Scully looks up, sees him, and promptly marches into the hallway. "I'm teaching a class, Agent Doggett. Is it something pressing?" she asks. Doggett's worried, he says. "You have a right to be," Scully mutters, looking distressed, as per usual. Doggett asks why Michaud doesn't go directly to Mulder? Then he answers himself: "Because he knows that Mouuuuulder won't resurface unless he's contacted by the only person he trusts completely." The thing without which he cannot live with which. That'd be Scully. Speaking of, she points out that Michaud came to Doggett, not to her. Doggett ignores this, and wonders if Mr. and Mrs. Mallory are in on this little scheme, too. Scully doesn't think so, because, apparently, they took out her brain back when they put in that chip, and the loss of it is finally beginning to kick in. "How do you know they're not being used by this Shadowman to lure Mooooulder out? To kill him?" Doggett asks. Shadowman's parents must have used the same book of baby names that CSM's and Well Manicured-Man's parents consulted. Scully sputters that Mr. and Mrs. Mallory don't trust Michaud "for their own reasons." Blah blah blah blah blah don't call Mulder, blee blee blee, she already has. Yada yada, safe passage home? Yammer, yammer, it was all planned before he left town. "We can call the whole thing off," Doggett offers. "I can't. I've already sent for him," Scully says. "Mulder's on a train. He'll be here at midnight." Maybe Doggett can reach him! Doggett says. "You can't do that to me," Scully spits, in the first really believable display of emotion I've seen on this show all season. "I'm sorry --" Doggett begins. "I want to see him so bad[sic]," Scully almost yells. Doggett takes a tiny step back. "I know," he says. "And I want to make sure that you get to, Dana. That's the whole reason I'm here." Staring. Staring. "Well!" Scully announces, almost-cheerfully, "It's too late! And I have to go!" And with that, she stomps off. Doggett looks at his shoes.

Cut to the Train Station of Inappropriate Product Placement. Seriously, is this how FOX is making money on this show now? Because there's a gigantic Fiji Water vending machine in the middle of this shot, for, like, twenty minutes. Scully walks around the vending machines, in the dead of night, her pretty blue scarf billowing around her face. She's all pretty for Mulder! Pacing. Pacing. Music of the Boyfriend Who Will Never Arrive. Pacing. Pacing. Music. Pacing.

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