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Psychic Eyes

I shake Exposition awake. "What?" he groans. "I'm done for this episode. Although I might have something at the very end, I don't remember." "I'm scared," I tell him. He rolls his eyes and pats me on the knee. "It's just a TV show," he says.

On his back in bed, Doggett wakes up, slowly. Or does he? At any rate, he gets up and gets ready for work, adjusting his dark blue tie in the bedroom mirror. He looks down, fiddles with the tie, and looks up to see that, suddenly, his own third eye has opened. I can't commend Robert Patrick enough for his acting in this episode, and his look of terror and confusion here is spot on. He blinks. All three eyes blink back.

At the Bureau, Doggett (with only two eyes) goes to Skinner's office, looking hunted and confused. Skinner sees him waiting outside the door, and, after totally giving him the once-over -- yes, just like that -- ushers him into the office. Doggett's almost walking in slow motion. Inside Skinner's office, Doggett turns to him with a completely helpless and frightened look. "I'm not sure...I'm awake," he whispers. Skinner just stares at him. "You think this is a dream?" he asks. Haltingly, Doggett explains that, last night, he dreamed that Tipet was in his house with an ax and he thought he woke up this morning, but now he's not sure. He looks the way I feel after I take too many Tylenol PMs, like his head is about ready to float away from the rest of his body. "I thought I was awake, but then..." Doggett hisses. Skinner grins, wryly. "What do you want me to do, pinch you?" he asks. Doggett ignores him, saying that he must be going through what the rest of Tipet's victims experienced. "Everything seemed real, but it was all a dream," he says, hushed. "A dream that ends in their deaths." Skinner looks at him levelly, and reminds him that Tipet is in a coma. "He knows me now," Doggett whispers. "He can enter my dreams." Skinner sympathetically tells Doggett to go home and get some rest. Doggett looks like that's the very last thing he wants to do.

Doggett trudges down the Bureau hallway. He stumbles into the elevator. He glides out the elevator and into a deserted hallway -- the one leading, I presume, to his basement office. As he steps out of the lift, the voices start again, murmuring, unintelligibly, just below the surface. Doggett stops, and looks down the hallway, which seems to lengthen in front of his eyes. He looks in the other direction, which also lengthens paranormally. The voices get louder, and suddenly, the hallway is pitch black. Tibet, pale, with all three of his eyes closed tightly, glides out of the darkness. "She's going to die," he says, sounding as through he's speaking through a vocoder. "I'm not going to let you do that," Doggett says in slow motion, his voice all reverb-y. Tipet sighs that he's not going to kill her. "You are," he says, and opens all three of his eyes. Doggett covers his face with his hands in agony. When he looks up, he's in a strange hallway, which we recognize as Scully's.

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