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Psychic Eyes

Doggett walks down to the end of the hallway, where Scully's door swings open, revealing a a bright blue light flashing on and off. Doggett goes inside. He looks down at his hands, and finds them covered in blood. Inside Scully's apartment, the blue light flashes on and off, plunging him into darkness, and then illuminating him in blue, which makes Doggett look almost metallic.


Blue light. Doggett looks at his bloody hands.


Blue light. Doggett finds the ax in his own hands. He looks horrified, but strangely compelled.


In the blue light, Doggett glides into the bedroom, where Scully sleeps, peacefully, like a princess. He raises the ax over her. Darkness. Blue light. He lowers the ax to his side. Sweat runs off his temples. A look of concentration, and he turns the ax so that the blade faces inward. Doggett raises the ax once more, and the blade swings toward his own face.

"Agent Doggett?" It's Scully. "Agent Doggett?" Doggett wakes up for real this time, with a start, to find Scully in his bedroom, touching his leg. He's drenched in sweat. "Hi," she says, warily. Breathlessly, Doggett asks how she got inside. "Your door was unlocked," she explains. "You just saved my life, Agent Scully," her partner exhales. "I just woke you up, Agent Doggett," Scully replies. Doggett, still breathing hard, explains that Tipet was in his dreams, and if she hadn't just woken him up....Scully sits on the edge of the bed, and informs Doggett that Tipet is dead. He never regained consciousness. Doggett hauls himself halfway out of bed, still breathing hard. "Are you okay?" he asks. Scully looks him in the eye and nods. "I seem to be, yeah," she says. "Do you need some more time off?" he asks. "I'm back to work now," Scully affirms. "That must have been some nightmare you had." Doggett shakes his head, and explains that Tipet believed he'd find God by looking at the darkness inside himself, but he doesn't think Tipet succeeded. In his own dreams, he says, he saw terrible things, things that scared the "living daylights" out of him. "These things are a part of me, I can't deny that. But maybe they didn't come from me," he says, almost to himself. Scully reassures him that what he had was simply a dream. Nothing more. In the background, the voices begin to murmur. Doggett looks skeptical.

There's no episode on next week, as it's Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Good Festivus and so forth!

The week after that is New Year's Eve, and a repeat of last season's episode starring Téa Leoni and Garry Shandling. I just might recap it, if you're good. And if Wing rehires me, despite my love for Matt, my secret shame.

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