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Psychic Eyes

Skinner and Doggett pull up in front of Andre's lab. Tipet watches from a window high above.

Skinner and Doggett enter the lab and find it slightly ransacked. They basically just stand there and look piercingly at the walls until a buzz saw starts up in the other room. The Manly Men rush in, guns pulled, to find Tipet, staring Meaningfully at said saw. "Tipet, step away from the saw!" Doggett barks. Tipet explains dreamily that he never "wanted to this to happen. [Tipet] can't stop it. He understands." Skinner shoots Doggett a quizzical glance. "You saw what can happen. What will happen. Unless I stop it," Tipet tells Doggett. And then throws himself, with a scream, onto the saw. Head first. Blood sprays neatly onto Doggett's right cheekbone.

Washington National Hospital. 6:07 PM. Tipet is in bad bad shape, and needs, according to the ER nurse, to be admitted. She has Doggett sign him in. Doggett looks at her and the accompanying forms as though they are completely alien to him. So to speak. Dude, haven't you ever watched ER? He flips the sign-in sheets backward to see that a Ms. Dana Scully has signed herself in, with acute abdominal pain. Doggett makes a face of Great Concern, as the Violins of the Endangered Miracle Baby gear up in the background. He puts down the sign-in sheet and wanders down the hospital hallway.

Doggett finds his partner's room. He peers inside to see Scully, sleeping peacefully in her hospital bed for like the millionth time this season.

Office of the Kersh. Enter Doggett. Kersh snaps that Skinner told him Doggett knows why Tipet tried to off himself. Doggett, looking both shell-shocked and withdrawn, explains the via negativa, that Tipet believes the drugs enabled him to enter the nightmares of his followers, and that he tried to kill himself to make the murders stop. "Good work," chirps Kersh uncharacteristically. Doggett sputters that the case can't possibly be over; they don't have a murder weapon, they have no real evidence, and they still can't explain how Tipet actually killed his victims. Kersh returns to form and glares at Doggett, telling him that he doesn't need him to "cross every 't' and dot every 'i.'" Since when? "The CASE is CLOSED," Kersh barks.

Back at his own home, Doggett calls his partner, getting her machine. He begins to leave a message, telling Scully that they've caught the perp, but he expresses doubt that the case is actually over. "It's the damnedest thing I ever saw," he mutters into the receiver. He looks bad -- clammy, and flushed and shaken. "What if Tipet was right?" he wonders. "What if I should have let him die?" He apologizes for not making sense, and says that maybe he just needs some sleep. He closes by asking Scully, if she feels up to it, to give him a call. Wearily, he hangs up the phone and looks at himself in a mirror above the receiver. Standing behind him is Tipet. Horrified, Doggett turns around and sees nothing. He's visibly relieved. Slowly, he turns off the downstairs lights and climbs the stairs to his bedroom. Below, at the foot of the stairs, stands a man carrying an ax.

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