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Rig. The fire's out, but all the communications equipment has been more or less gutted. Mulder finds convenient evidence of a Molotov cocktail, cockily hands it to Meet and Greet, and goes off to find Doggett.

Doggett, for his part, is sprawled out, semi-conscious, on some floor somewhere, like in the brig or something. I don't know about the architecture of oil rigs, people. Crazy Not Curly watches him come to, and then darts out and slices Doggett's arm open with a piece of cut glass. "Red blood," he saws, in Spanish. Doggett's like, yes, freakshow, my blood is red. Much basic Spanish speaking ensues, and Doggett learns that Not Curly is, in fact, Diego Garza (duh) and that he started the fire to stop the aliens from communicating through the radio equipment. They have to stop the oncoming invasion before it's too late, he says. "Who's coming?" Doggett asks. "The flying ships," Not Curly says, all wild-eyed and totally nutso-looking. Doggett is like, dude, not this again. I should have stayed in Lebanon, he thinks.

Lab. Scully has done some science-y stuff and discovered that Curly's blood is just chock-full of T-cells. He's a "virus-fighting machine," she tells Skinner. Scully hypothesizes that Curly was immune to the alien virus because he had a genetic mutation, giving him immunity. Much like her baby does. Although she doesn't say that, and it's only my theory. Scully explains that Curly came from an indigenous culture deep within Mexico, the name of which I can not spell, and which possesses a rare, undiluted gene pool, making him immune to virus in general. Those infected with the virus killed him by irradiating him, she finishes, because he knew too much. "But what did he know?" Skinner wonders. Scully has no idea. But she does know that if they find out, and tell Doggett and Mulder, it will put their lives in danger too. "Our boyfriends!" Skinner gasps.

Back on the rig, Doggett makes a smart move by convincing Not Curly that he, Doggett, is trustworthy. "Trust no one," Not Curly says, in Spanish. Doggett repeats the catchphrase. Gee, where have I hear that one before? Doggett tells Not Curly that if he lets Doggett go, Doggett will make sure that Not Curly gets home, to his family. He gives him his "promesa." Not Curly just stares at him with the craziest, most scenery-chewing wide-eyed stare ever.

So I guess Not Curly lets Doggett go, because now he's all running free on the ship. Doggett happens upon Foreman, who wants to know where Not Curly is. Doggett just stares at Foreman, looking pretty freaked out, probably because Foreman's eyes are all crazed. Doggett turns and tries to go, but Foreman grabs him and starts choking him. His eyes perform the oil curtain effect, and he prepares to do that entire vomiting of the oil thing to poor abused Doggett! Just at the last minute, Mulder appears with a lead pipe and beats the shit out of Foreman, effectively saving Doggett! They run off, but the rest of the oil rig workers are in hot pursuit.

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