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FBI HQ. It's the same shot as the opening scenes: Doggett walking toward his office. He rushes inside, and finds Mulder sitting at some random desk I've never seen. "What's the rush?" Mulder asks. Doggett explains that he's been called into see Kersh. Mulder is wearing Everyone's Favorite Blue Shirt. Doggett sighs that Skinner told him (over breakfast this morning) that "it's all hitting the fan." The oil company lost its right to drill that oil field. Mulder gets up and walks over to Doggett. "That's as it should be," he says, adding that he wants Doggett to do everything in his power to keep it that way. There's a very weird, stiff-upper-lip tone to his voice. "Me?" Doggett asks. The phone begins to ring. "That's Kersh calling to say there's no need to see you," Mulder says, awkwardly. Doggett is confused. Mulder explains, putting on his coat, that blame has already been assigned. "I got fired. I'm 86ed, Agent Doggett," he says. Out of the FBI entirely.

Doggett: Huh?
The World: What?
The Mulder action figure: Excuse me?
The Scully action figure: Heh.

Mulder calmly explains that he's taking the fall. But, he says, Doggett has credibility. And Mulder wants Doggett to use that power for good, not for evil. And he walks out. Doggett stares the ringing phone and curses fate. What the hell kind of passing of the torch was that?

Next week: Mulder's out of the FBI for good, do you hear me? For good, this time! Except Doggett needs his help on this one case.

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