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Kersh's office. Enter Mulder. "Just like old times," he snarks. Let's see, Mulder going off half-cocked, and inadvertently forcing Scully to cover his ass? Yeah, that sounds about right. You'd think he'd have learned something from being buried alive, even if it was just to give his partner the heads-up that they're both about to get in hot water again. Don't get me wrong: I like Mulder. A lot. But he never learns, does he? Skinner shoots Mulder an exhausted look. Scully's hair, by the way, has completely reverted to the Flatness of Season Seven. Scully stares at Mulder, purses her lips, and eases her massively pregnant self onto Kersh's sofa. "Now it's all making sense," Kersh spits. Doggett comes in and sort of lurks in the background as Kersh introduces the agents to Mr. Ortega, the aforesaid Oil Company Executive. Mulder's like, yeah, I talked to him. Kersh disdainfully wonders who informed certain government officials that the FBI was investigating the accident. "That'd be me as well," Mulder says. He explains that an investigation is in the best interests of both the FBI and Mr. Ortega. Kersh spits that, actually, it's not. Ortega comments that his company has found a whole bunch of new oil under the Gulf of Mexico, and they're angling for the rights to drill it, but they might face some opposition from Mexico, because the oil reserves could stretch into Mexican waters. Because Curly was a "Mexican national," Ortega is concerned that his death will be used as an excuse to abandon the project. Mulder says that this case has nothing to do with oil. Which, technically, is a total, bald-faced lie. Ortega is all, for me it does. Kersh snips that they need to investigate the entire mess as quickly and quietly as possible, in order to make the path clear for American interests to drill. Mulder points out that an investigation probably won't do much to help American oil interests, but Kersh interrupts him, telling him that he's "done enough." Mulder brats that Kersh doesn't know what he's dealing with. Kersh grits his teeth. "Yes, I do," he says. "It's an X-File," Mulder says. "I'm sending someone from the X-Files to investigate," Kersh comments, quietly. For him. Mulder's eyebrows go right off the top of his head. "You're talking about an oil rig 150 miles out to sea!" he exclaims. "You can't send a pregnant woman!" On the sofa, Scully sighs. "I'm sending Agent Doggett, you nimrod," Kersh says. Inside his head. Mulder, realizing that Doggett's getting the call, rolls his eyes. Doggett cocks his brow.

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