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Twenty-six hours later. Fancy oil-rig set. A helicopter drops off Doggett, all decked out in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Now, Robert Patrick isn't my type, physically speaking (I always go for the Mulder-looking types), but he looks pretty dreamy in civilian gear. Can Doggett be growing on me? I think Doggett is sort of growing on me. The chopper also drops off a new communications specialist for the rig, whose name I don't catch. He looks like Biff from Back to the Future, though, so that'll do for now. Doggett introduces himself to the guy who met the helicopter, who seems surprised to see him. Doggett explains, again, that he's from "the Bureau." He wonders whether the rig's radio is out. Meet and Greet explains that they still have ship-to-shore, but he was told that only one agent was coming. "I'm the one agent," Doggett says, as he follows Meet and Greet down the expensive stairs of the expensive set. "Then who's the guy who got here this morning?" Meet and Greet asks. Doggett stops dead on the steps and makes a disgusted face. Okay, as I've already said, I'm fond of Mulder. But for God's sweet sake, if I were Doggett, I'd want to throttle him. Doggett is honestly just trying to do his best in this job that he sort of doesn't get, and Mulder is making it as hard for him as possible, not maliciously, but because he's just sort of emotional, which makes him unthinking and kind of impetuous. Dude, when did I become a Doggett apologist? "I don't like this new development in your character at all," the Mulder action figure says sharply, from his perch on my right knee. The Scully looks up from her book, a dog-eared copy of The Autobiography of F.B.I Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes. "You know who I like?" she asks. "This guy. I think he'd make an excellent partner for Agent Doggett, when it comes to that. He has all that experience with, you know, weird stuff. And he's so good-looking!" The Mulder action figure clears his throat. "Sorry," the Scully says, not at all contritely.

Doggett finds Mulder confabbing with Foreman. In keeping with the Casual Friday on the Oil Rig Dress Code of this episode, Mulder is all decked out in his Requisite Grey T-Shirt of Authority Flouting and Rule Breaking. "Agent Moooooulder, can I have a word with you?" Doggett asks. Mulder just glances at Doggett and tells him to pull up a chair and get caught up. Stare. Stare. Stare. Stare. Foreman spouts a bunch of clichés, about how working on an oil rig is like doing "hard time," and that some of the men get "cabin fever" and can "go off the deep end." Is that a pun? You know, because, they could jump into the ocean? Or does he mean it literally...oh, whatever. Doggett asks about "the victim, Simon deeeeeeeeee la Cruz." Foreman's professional opinion is that Curly "just went off his nut." Doggett wonders how going crazy can lead to one's being covered with horrible burns. Foreman shrugs, and explains that Crazy Curly tried to blow the entire rig sky-high. Naturally, he got caught in the flames. And what about the missing communications guy? "A man can die out here, just going for a walk. No one knew he was dead until the shift change." Foreman is a big fat liar, and a bad one. Mulder solemnly thanks him and gets up to go. Doggett chases after him. Foreman watches them go, and the black oil drifts down into his eyes, the way it does. He blinks and it disappears.

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