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Doggett continues to chase Mulder across the very expensive set. "Agent Moooooulder!" he calls. "Don't walk away when I'm talking to you! I was assigned to this case. One call to the Deputy Director, and you're canned for insubordination!" Mulder keeps walking. "You can't call," he says shortly. Seems the radio is broken. Didn't we just hear that ship-to-shore was working? For the fourth time, whatever. The two manly agents manfully walk around the rig, looking manly. There's enough testosterone on this set to...God, I can't seem to think of a way to finish that sentence that doesn't completely gross me out, so I'll leave you to your own devices with that one. "Don't push me," Doggett snaps at Mulder, who's just slightly ahead of him. Mulder turns. The men stand nose to nose. Manly posturing. Manly posturing. Doggett reminds Mulder that he's in charge. It's his way, or the highway. Mulder is all, whatever. He snidely wonders what sort of story Doggett is planning to spin for Kersh. Doggett snappishly tells Mulder not to stereotype him. Taking a different tack, he asks Mulder why Foreman is lying. "He knows the truth, and he's not the only one," Mulder sniffs. Doggett shakes his head. "You could find a conspiracy in a church picnic," he says. "What church?" Mulder smirks. Wow, that was an incredibly bad comeback. Mulder stomps off. Doggett rolls his eyes and looks heavenward, as if for guidance. He actually looks faintly amused. Looking up at him through the metal grid of the rig's floor, from inside what must be the bowels of the structure, is Not Curly. And the plot thickens.

Back at the FBI, Scully is performing yet another autopsy. The FBI's going to be screwed when she's on maternity leave, because, apparently, they have no other employee capable of running an autopsy. Anyway, Scully's all running around the body, and her hair is in full-on Scully Autopsy Mode, all pushed behind her ears. Enter Skinner. Scully sighs that she really needs to talk to him, and she can't find Mulder at all. Now, while I completely buy that Mulder would do something against official orders, I sort of doubt that he would run off to the middle of the ocean without calling his best friend and the possible mother of his child -- who is, at any rate, massively pregnant -- to tell her where he was going. Especially since she just went through this whole drama where he was missing and presumed dead for months and it almost killed her. Skinner's all, what's up, girlfriend? Scully explains that she found something weird with Curly's body. Skinner grits that Curly's corporeal form is supposed to be well on its way back to Mexico by this point. Look who's flouting orders now? That's my girl. Scully dismisses the minor matter of returning the body to its family, and explains that she found what she did by accident, in the third ventricle of Curly's brain. She leans over the body, does some stuff with Curly's head, and a large puddle of the black oil spills out of the body's skull and onto the table. Skinner, seeing it, jumps in front of Scully's body to protect her, which is sort of sweet, and also sort of closing the barn doors after the horse is already gone, since presumably, Scully's already seen the oil once during the autopsy. She breathlessly informs him that the oil is "dead" -- it can't infect her. Not to mention that she's probably immune for any number of reasons, anyway. She explains that Curly was infected with alien virus, but it's dead. "What killed it?" Skinner asks. Scully hypothesizes that one would imagine the same thing that killed Curly killed the virus -- exposure to radioactivity -- but, obviously, that's impossible, since the virus is radioactive anyway. "Someone needs to tell Agent Doggett," Skinner says gruffly. Scully blinks and says that they need to evacuate the rig, immediately. "I can't tell that to Kersh," Skinner barks. Scully points out that Doggett is in danger of being infected himself. "We can't prove that," Skinner says. Um, okay, but what about Doggett's welfare? Shouldn't Skinner be more concerned about an agent under his direction, not to mention one who is also his red-hot lover? Maybe Skinner's attitude stems from a desire to cover up the fact that he's out of his mind with worry about Doggett. He's overcompensating. He looks at the body and raises a brow. He asks Scully why no one else on the rig is infected, if they're all in such grave danger. I don't know why Scully doesn't point out that they could all be infected, and just not be showing any symptoms, which is the truth, and an excellent response. Instead, she just stares at him and sighs.

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