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Moronica and Scully sit and wait at the hospital. For all the mean things I say about Moronica, I must admit that she's a really, really good friend to Scully, and Scully needs a trustworthy friend very badly. So that's nice. I guess it's okay if she doesn't die. They sit and sit and sit and sit. Time passes. Moronica reads a magazine. Scully crosses and recrosses her legs. Sitting. Sitting. Sitting. Eventually, Dr. Edwards comes out, smiling. "How is he? Is he all right?" Scully asks, breathlessly. "He's good. He's doing fine," Dr. Edwards says. She thinks William will be going home in no time. "What did you find?" Moronica asks. "Nothing," Dr. Edwards chirps. Scully's face falls. "How could you find nothing?" Scully wonders, weepily. Dr. Edwards explains that William had a slight bruising at the back of his head where something clearly broke the skin, but he's fine. "There's an elevated amount of iron in his blood, but other than that, your son is completely normal," Dr. Edwards says. "That doesn't make sense," Moronica gulps. "Yes. I think it does," Scully says slowly, her voice full of dread. "It makes perfect sense now."

FBI HQ. Interrogation room. Scully flings the door open and walks in on Crispy. The Oboe of Man, Is Scully Pissed wails in the background. She gets right in his face. "I've seen my share of the hideous," she begins. "Of the disgusting, the repellent. But you, sir, are the most perfect expression I will ever see of all that is vile and hateful in life." Crispy looks up at her. "That may well be," he says. "But for a moment you believed it. That I was him." Scully narrows her eyes. "I never believed it," she spits. "You wanted to believe," Crispy says. "You are as false as your face," Scully yells at him. "I bet you wish, night and day, that that bullet meant to kill you had succeeded." Crispy shrugs; he gets up, walks to the one-way mirror, and looks into it. Behind the mirror are Skinner, Doggett, and Moronica. "I don't believe this," Skinner says. "What?" Doggett asks. "Who this is," Skinner says.

In the interrogation room, Crispy tells Scully she's wrong. "When I look in the mirror, I see something much different than the world sees," he explains. "He destroyed my face and my dignity when he shot me in that office." Crispy keeps looking in the mirror. His reflection morphs into his real face: that of Jeffrey Spender. We have a glimpse into his mind's eye, seeing CSM shoot him. "But he couldn't destroy the one thing I loved most. My hatred of him," Spender says. Scully stares at him. "Your cigarette-smoking son of a bitch of a father," she spits. "And Mulder's," Spender tells her. Scully has no reaction to that, leading me to think that she and Mulder have already discussed the possibility that CSM is his father. Off-screen, of course. "You counted on the DNA," Scully says. "That we'd buy it without question and not look any further. DNA is what Mulder shared with Jeffrey Spender." Spender sort of nods. He looks away from Scully and takes a seat. "Half-brothers, raised apart, that's about all that Mulder and I ever shared," he says. He explains that he hasn't seen Mulder, he hasn't even spoken to him. "All of this was to get to William," Scully says. Spender agrees. "Sitting here, you wished me dead. Shortly, I'll do you the favor," he snarks. Scully spits that she had the vial checked out. "It's an unknown metal that you injected into my son." Spender sighs. "It's a form of magnetite," he explains. "A gift." Scully's eyebrows touch her hairline. "A gift?" she yelps. "Having failed as a conspirator to control alien colonization, my father wanted nothing more than to see the world fail, too," Spender explains. Scully looks confused. "So what?" she asks. "You prevented it now? You prevented alien colonization by injecting this metal into my son?" Spender looks up at her. "That is the one thing the aliens need. I took revenge on my father by taking William away from them." Does this mean that CSM is alive, by the way? Because revenge on an already dead guy isn't all that satisfying, you know? Scully furrows her brow. "So he's all right now? I mean, just like that?" she asks. Spender nods. "So it's over?" she asks, "They'll let him be?" Spender shrugs that it'll "never be over." Because "they'll always know what he was. They'll never accept what he is." Scully insists that she can protect William. Because she's done so well with that so far. "And if you can't?" Spender wonders. "Look at me! What they did, is this what you want for your son?"

Back at Scully's Apartment of Pain, William snuggles nicely in his little crib. Scully stands and looks down at him. Moronica sticks her head in the room. "Dana? The room's all fresh for you. I threw out all the old bedding and bought some new stuff, okay?" Awww. That's pretty nice. Go, Moronica. Scully snuffles. Tears run down her cheeks. "I know it's impossible to stop thinking about what he said, about William," Moronica tells her gently. "But it's all lies, Dana. And you were the one who proved it." Scully shakes her head sadly. "And how should I prove it now?" she asks, not turning around. "By insisting I can protect him? Only to learn too late that I can't?" She stares down at William. That is the cutest baby ever. "You say it as if you have a choice," Moronica tells her. Scully purses her lips very sadly. "He didn't have a choice to come into this life," she explains. "I don't have a choice about what he is, or was. But I do have a choice about the life my son will have. And shouldn't I choose that he never have to be afraid of anyone or anything?" she asks, her voice cracking. What is this wet material on my keyboard? Am I bleeding from the eyes again? Why, no! It's...yes, tears! Sniff. William looks up at his mother, his big blue eyes shining. "And could I ever really promise him that?" Scully sobs. "But who can?" Moronica asks. Scully just softly touches the stars on William's mobile and sobs.

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