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Doggett steps in at this point, telling Scully that Doggett found some files stuffed into Crispy's shirt when he frisked Crispy. Scully opens said file and removes a photograph. "Do you know who that is?" Doggett asks. "It's his sister," Scully says quietly. Let's not go into the fact that Doggett's read every X-File in the office and would probably recognize Samantha. "Whose?" Doggett asks. "Mulder's," Crispy rasps. "She was abducted from her home when she was a little girl. Part of this same government conspiracy." Scully stares at Crispy for one long intent moment, before commenting that all of Crispy's information gives the impression that he's telling the truth...or that he wants them to believe that he's telling the truth. Crispy twitches the area on his face where his eyebrow would be. "Well, if I thought you'd believe me, I wouldn't have snuck in here," he says. Scully looks at him for a long moment, then tells Doggett that she'd like Crispy transferred to Quantico. "I'd like to personally examine his injuries," she says. Eyebrow. Stare. Twitch.

Quantico. Crispy lies, mostly naked, on a metal gurney generally used for autopsies. On a small table next to Scully sit his fake nose, ears and wig. Scully turns to Crispy, who truly looks awful, with a giant gaping hole where half of his features are supposed to be. He reminds me of a nightmare I had when I was a child that I've never forgotten: in the dream, I woke up and went into my grandmother's bathroom and looked in the mirror only to find that I had no nose. In the space where my nose should be was a nest of maggots. I know. I'm still traumatized. This is almost that bad. Moronica awkwardly stands behind Scully. I think she's holding Scully's handbag. Seriously. Scully murmurs that Crispy's scarring is recent, but "severe." No shit. He's wearing a prosthetic nose, people. Scully continues, saying that said scarring doesn't appear to be from burning or chemicals. "I was injected," Crispy tells her. We flash back to the injection; FlashbackCrispy is strapped into the same sort of dental chair that Mulder was subjected to, back when he was up in the Worst Dentist's Office in the Universe. FlashbackCrispy squirms as a huge sharp pointy needle heads toward his face. Man, I hate needles. The only thing I hate more than needles are clowns. And I don't really like flying all that much. So, I guess the plot line that would most traumatize me would be one about evil clowns who inject people with a substance that makes the plane they're travelling on crash. Or something. "With what?" Scully asks. "I don't know. It burned. Throughout my whole body, inside and out," Crispy tells her. FlashbackCrispy twitches in the chair as a doctor holds him down for the injection. What looks like plasma bubbles out of a hole in his neck. It is nasty. This is probably the first time all season that I have to cover my eyes because the scene was scary and gross, rather than just nauseating. Present-Day Crispy heaves a rattling breath on the gurney, remembering. Scully looks sympathetic. Enter Doggett, saying that he needs to speak to her. Scully pats Crispy gently and leaves him lying cold and alone in the morgue.

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