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Doggett! Part Deux

Scully pushes her way into Gibson's new room, and ABH Skinner grabs her by her neck and throws her, hard, into the wall. Gibson tries to make a run for it, and, as ABH Skinner turns and reaches for him, Scully grabs her gun and nails him, right through the kill point on the back of the neck. Green blood boils out of the wound, and Scully drops her gun and begins to cry. Hormones, they're a bitch. That, plus having to shoot the only person you trust anymore -- despite the fact that it isn't, really, him in there -- that sucks, too.

Doggett has begun to search the hospital for Scully, who is still lying on the floor, sobbing, as ABH morphs from Skinner back to his ABH face and then melts into a pile of green toxic waste. I hate it when that happens.

Doggett, calling Scully's name, finally bursts into the room. I don't know why neither he nor Scully is having an adverse reaction to the green blood stuff, but I've obviously forgotten all the myriad rules and regulations that surround the substance. Doggett walks right through the goo to Scully, takes her in his arms, and screams that "an agent needs help." She cries. He looks shell-shocked. Gibson just stands there.

Kersh's office. He's reading Doggett's report. He sniffs that they're lucky it all happened in the hospital and that he ASSUMES the hazardous materials that CAUSED ALL THIS must have been MEDICAL. Doggett says that remains undetermined. "So MUCH here is UNDETERMINED," Kersh snaps, "as remains the whereabouts of MULDER." Kersh snips that Doggett's report "reads like science fiction." Doggett looks at him. "You mean, it reads like an X-File," he says. Kersh's head explodes all over the room. Not really. He just glares. Doggett tells Kersh that "that's what [Kersh] intended" when he assigned Doggett to the case. Kersh, King of Scrapy-ness, tells Doggett that HE'LL ask the QUESTIONS, and that Doggett better not come back until he has some DAMN ANSWERS. He then dismisses Doggett and does back to reading his copy of MAD magazine.

Scully is back in her usual hospital bed, sleeping. She's all scraped up, and bruised, but her hair is still pretty. Doggett puts a get-well card in her hand. Aww. This wakes her up, and she reads the card. Doggett sits and tells her that his dad always told him that "it's not who wins or loses, it's who took the worse beating that counts." Scully wryly wonders whether that's supposed to cheer her up. She sniffs that he still doesn't believe her. Doggett doesn't want to get into that, though, and lightly says that what he can't believe is how long they're keeping her in the hospital. She tells him there are "a few things" they need to check out, LIKE HER ALIEN SPAWN. Doggett takes it upon himself to inform her that Skinner is in stable condition, but that they haven't figured out what's wrong with him. Ditto the dude whose throat she crushed. And Gibson Praise is a ward of the state, but he made sure the kid got special protection, as he assumed she would do herself. Scully almost smiles, and asks him what he's doing at the hospital -- visiting her, anyway. "Keeping you apprised of the case," he says. "That's not your job," she retorts. Oh, but see, it is. Doggett tells Scully that Kersh has made him her new partner. On the X-Files. Scully looks shocked. Doggett appears quite calm, and tells her that whatever their differences may be, he's going to find Mulder. Period. He walks quietly out of the room. Scully's mouth is slightly open, and she looks thoughtful, probably wondering if she should have let this nice man father her child, instead of, you know, whoever actually did. Let the Doggett/Scully fanfic begin!

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