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God's Will
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Te Tuna. Night 32. The final five return from Tribal Council after ditching Edna and celebrate that they did what they said they would do in the very beginning -- become the last five left. None of them seem to have figured out that now they have to turn on one another. They all hug and then Brandon makes them pray. Oy with the prayer already. I mean, if Brandon wants to pray, rock on. But this forced prayer is gross and, I believe, a form of bullying. I don't know. Maybe they do all want to pray this much. I just know that if I were on that island, I'd be joining in the prayers so as not to cause waves and set myself apart, but I'd be inwardly rolling my eyes because that's not my belief system.

Sophie and Albert lie down in the shelter while the other three sit by the fire. Sophie asks what their next move is, and Albert says that they should vote out Brandon or Rick, depending on who wins immunity. Sophie gets up and walks away and Albert tells the camera, "If only she knew she's next." Wow, I totally thought Albert and Sophie had a sub-alliance. Then again, I don't know why I thought that, other than that we see them hanging out a lot. But maybe we only see that because they happen to be hanging out when important things happen?

The next morning, Sophie and Coach discuss how they spent the whole night spinning plans in their heads. Albert interviews that he previously planned on going to the end with Coach and Sophie, but now he's starting to question taking Sophie. He reasons that she's smart and well spoken and has won a few challenges, so he might not get votes from the jury if he's up against her. Albert walks up to where Brandon and Rick are chopping wood. As soon as Brandon leaves, Albert tells Rick, "The way I see it, man, you and me are still going to the end." Rick affirms that he's on board with that plan. Remember this -- it's important later. Albert just confirmed that A) he and Rick have had a plan to go to the end together for a while and B) Albert is still on board with that plan, at least as far as he's telling Rick. Albert interviews that he doesn't like Rick, but he thinks Rick isn't dangerous, strategically or in challenges. So Albert explains that his strategy is to go with Coach and Rick to the finals, because Coach is the Cult Leader (so why won't people vote for him?) and Rick is the follower. Albert thinks he can play the middle while pointing out the strategic moves he's made. I don't know if, "I had a strategy but I chose not to stick my neck out" is a great strategy, especially when going up against Coach, who did stick his neck out. Note that I don't want Coach to win or anything, but I'm trying to figure out what Albert is thinking here, and if it will work.

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