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Return Of The Grievous Angel

Ashley asks why Tiffany hated O-Town, and she explains that, generally, she thought that boy bands were corny, what with all of their choreographed dancing. She says that she was in disgust when she saw the "Liquid Dreams" video, and I think that this is an appropriate reaction. She thought it was a travesty, and when Ashley is taken aback by this, she says, "You were dancing around in shiny plastic water." We see a clip, and even though it's a little bitchy, we all know that Tiffany has a point. Tiffany says that now she supports O-Town, and rocks out to their music, and if anyone says anything bad about O-Town she'll kick their ass. Which is code for "sit with them and laugh and laugh and say, 'Oh, man, you don't know the half of it.'" I kind of dig Tiffany. They leave. Ashley says that he loves Happy Hour, and that he's going to drop off the ladies and go over to the studio.

Ashley goes to Soul Power Productions and does a little recording. Soul Power is apparently run by two guys, one of whose name is "Soul" and the other of whose name is "Karlin." Soul has a scraggly beard and Karlin is fat. Soul and Karlin look bored. Ashley listens to his playbacks and notes spots where he is a little pitchy. Karlin and Ashley rock their heads in unison, and that's when something happens. The picture freezes and the background darkens with the exception of Ashley, who faces the camera to deliver a Shakespearean Aside. Ahhhh! Ahhhh! He's speaking to the audience! How...novel? He is wearing the exact same clothes, of course, and his hair looks exactly the same. And much like its historical predecessors, this Shakespearean Aside spews suspicion and foretells trouble. It goes a little something like this (iambic pentameter not included):

"Here's the deal. It's not like every producer in town is dying to make a record with the O-Town guy. I get it. But at the same time, things here just don't feel right. They refuse to pay me my advance and this guy's not listening to me. We've been at this for a year and a half already! I have to get this album done, and I have to get some cash so Tiffany and I can get a real home. I definitely need to talk to my manager."

Ashley fades back into the scene as Karlin bops along with Ashley's track, unaware that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. And may I just say...a year and a half? Speak up for yourself a little earlier, young man! I guess it's convenient that he just got a manager, huh?

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