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Angel of the Morning (Wood)

When Ashley returns home, he asks for a big hug. Scarlet hugs him first, then Tiffany. Ashley recounts the whole meeting, and Tiffany is impressed that Ashley stood up for himself. Tiffany is super-enormously pregnant. Everyone is glad that the meeting is over and they can focus on having the baby. And, you know, scripting and filming their every move for an audience of twelve. Commercials.

When we return, former O-Towner Jacob Underwood appears once again to delight us with his many talents. And speaking of, a fan (of Jacob's, not of mine) emailed me to tell me to shut up and to let me know that Jacob is indeed working on a solo project, from which you can find some sound samples here. She argued that I shouldn't lump him in the same category as stupid Ashley. Judge for yourself, everybody. ["I would point out that at least 'stupid Ashley' does not have ugly white-boy dreads." -- Sars] In any case, Jacob has come to help Ashley build a toy chest for the baby's room. Jacob asks, "So you just want it to be like a toy chest?" and Ashley says that, indeed, he wants it to look like a toy chest. Ashley wants to surprise Tiffany with the homemade toy chest / splinter generator. He admits that he has no idea where to start, so will act as Jacob's apprentice. Jacob sketches a design, and the two set to task. Or, rather, Jacob starts to work and Ashley helpfully gets a pencil, then helpfully shows the camera a cooler of beer, then helpfully watches Jacob use a saw. Jacob is wearing a do-rag. And then, just to show you how much less than two shits the editors of this show give, we get a shot of Jacob sawing and Ashley going in the house. The scene flips to show us that some time has passed, and Ashley comes out of the house, but this time both men are wearing different clothes, right down to the color of Jacob's do-rag. Nice.

Ashley asks Jacob if he's hungry. He says that he can make them really good Gardenburgers. Jacob goes, "What?" and Ashley asks him if he's ever had a Gardenburger. Jacob gives him a look as if to say, "No way in hell I'm sleeping in the pup tent with you, pretty boy." He then quite hilariously says, "I'm not down with that stuff." I'm sorry, but if you were once a member of O-Town, you just can't play "too macho for soy products." Jacob says that they sound gross, but Ashley assures him that they're fucking awesome. I've never seen Ashley so passionate about anything.

More tooling around. Ashley asks if they will have it finished by the night, and Jacob says he thinks they will. He says that he always underestimates the time needed to finish a project. So much so that he brings a change of clothes, just in case. Ashley has a tape measure pinned to his belt. He goes inside the house, because he is good for nothing practical.

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