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The Fans return from voting out Allie and nervously talk about whether they should discuss what just happened. Matt interviews that he was especially concerned, since he and Michael had played both sides before the vote. Reynold confronts Matt and Michael and says that they need him to win challenges and he did intend to us his Idol to help the tribe as a whole, but now he doesn't trust any of them. That's such horseshit. I'm so sure he was going to selflessly give up his Idol to someone else. If that's true, he's an idiot. Reynold declares that now it's "Game on."

Unfortunately for him, Shamar walks up behind them as he says that and wonders aloud how they can claim that they weren't playing the game before, since the couples ganged together and tried to vote him out. Eddie tries to claim that the "vote Shamar out" plan didn't originate with his alliance. Look, Shamar is right. They can't claim that the tribe was one big happy family and then also hatch a plan to vote out one of the family. I never understand that on this game. Just say that Reynold said he was voting for Shamar (because he said that TO SHAMAR) and they decided to join him because they didn't know who else to vote for. Or admit that they have a couples' alliance. Everyone knows it. Laura interviews that they just saved Shamar's ass, so you'd think he'd shut up for a while. He is really angry for someone who just didn't get voted out. And it's not like he didn't know that the couples were trying to get rid of him.

Then Shamar is yelling at Matt and Julia for some reason? And not just a little -- he is screaming at them. I think they should treat him like I do my preschoolers when they have a tantrum: tell him they can't talk to him until he uses his big boy words, let him have some time to blow off steam and then come back and hug him. I mean, would that be worse than trying to engage him and letting him scream at you? Mike interviews that all the anger of the past few days is coming out now. Laura interviews that she gets that Shamar is a vet and has lived through some tough times, but he used to balance his anger by being fun sometimes and they're not seeing that anymore.

The next morning, Reynold and Eddie talk about how they got blindsided at Tribal. Eddie calls it "Revenge of the Nerds." If he wants to have any hope of sticking around more than three more rounds, he should probably stop thinking of his tribemates as nerds. Eddie thinks he'll go before Reynold, since Reynold has the Idol. Shamar walks by and Eddie offers him some coconut, but Shamar refuses. Hey look! Shamar is out of the shelter! Eddie interviews that Shamar keeps pissing people off, and he hopes that people will get mad enough to vote Shamar off and keep him.

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