Third Watch
32 Bullets And A Broken Heart

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32 Bullets And A Broken Heart

Kim is waiting for Bobby before he leaves the station for the night, and when she sees him, she tells him it was all a mistake. What a shock! Didn't see that coming, oh, last week (or what the writers would have us think was yesterday). Bobby gets upset and tells her to tell him that she doesn't love him. She tells him she loves him as her best friend. Bobby asks her if she is going to go back to dating big jerks, and she asks him if she should go out with him just to make him happy. He leaves.

Bosco and Yokas are leaving the precinct and Bosco asks Yokas if she wants to talk, because he can call Nicole and change his plans to be with Yokas instead. I think he is just trying to get out of getting Nicole a Valentine's Day gift. Yokas doesn't want to talk, and she walks away from him. Bosco asks her what her problem is, and she tells him that she's tired of him acting like he cares when all day he says such hateful things. She tells him today he had a problem with gays, "yesterday you have a problem with blacks, tomorrow it's Hispanics. Thursday you hate Asians. I'm just sick of you being a bigot." Bosco tells her, "I got a list of people I hate. But you tell me one time when I was in my uniform that I didn't do anything I could for the brothers or the eses or some trash-faced Paddy when they needed it. Gays included." I don't think I need to comment on this, because it is just too easy. Yokas tells him, "You wish you knew yourself so well."

The girl who was hit by the bus is waiting outside the station for Carlos as he comes back from a call. Carlos asks her how she is, and she tells him she has a mild concussion and needs to be woken up every couple hours. She was there because she wanted to thank him for saving her life, and she calls him her angel, and then she kisses him. Carlos offers to wake her up every couple of hours, or keep her up all night. I guess Carlos is really desperate for some nookie, since he is willing to throw it to some woman he just met who thinks he's an angel. Can we say "psycho"?

Bobby is having a beer at a bar, and who comes in but B-movie princess Yancy Butler. I just saw her last week (or was it yesterday?) in a Jean-Claude Van Damme film. Very cheesy. So she comes up to the bar and orders a shot of Stoli and wishes Bobby a happy Valentine's Day. There's some small talk -- he got hurt by the woman he loves, she found her fiancé and her maid of honor in her bed, and the other woman got a Mikimoto (nice pearls) necklace and she got a cheap box of chocolates. She needs to get the image of her fiancé and friend out of her head by a night of meaningless sex. She invites Bobby back to her apartment and then leaves. Bobby asks for his check. Nothing like drunken payback sex to make you feel so much better in the morning!

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