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The Day of The Reckoning

It's been so long since there was a new episode of Third Watch, that I was starting to lose the threads of reality.

I began to think that Bosco was a happy-go-lucky, great guy.

I hallucinated that Carlos had a brain.

I began to find reasons to respect Kim.

It was sick, and terrible, and made no sense. But reality has returned. Welcome back to Third Watch: The Reckoning.

Previously on The Reckoning: a random, very short selection of clips, maybe 12 seconds worth, showing Bosco telling Ty that police work is "all about the law of averages," Sully telling Faith she's a good cop, Sully bringing cookies to a cute neighbor's house, and Faith coming home to her husband Fred. That's it. According to NBC, if you don't remember what happened all those weeks ago, too bad, suckas! The episode (which should be called The Reckoning if for no other reason than that it's not "A Hero's Rest," which is just an ass title) begins with a slow-motion lottery ball bouncing and spinning through a lottery machine. Bosco, in voice-over, tells us that the week the jackpot was $70 million, lines stretched around the block for people to buy tickets. I really like this disembodied, faceless Bosco. I wish all of his performance was in voice-over. Balls are bouncing. One of them comes through a tube. Bosco says he doesn't believe in luck. The number 35 pops up and down the tube, galvanizing itself with loud, unnecessary sound effects. Right. Loud balls. Got it.

In the station locker room, Sully announces, "Seventy million dollars!" to which Faith replies, "Yeah! Right?" Ty chimes in, too. Bosco bursts in with his plain clothes and says that if he had the power over who lived and who died, the world would be a better place. And there would be no ugly women anymore, right Bosco? Sully contemplates Bosco as God. A goose walks over my grave. Bosco does a John Rocker, complaining that he won't ride the trains with "that garbage" after complaining about traffic. Yokas tells him defensively that she rides the trains. Ty suggests, pretty stupidly, that if Bosco wins the lottery, he can ride a helicopter to work. Because that makes absolute sense. Ty maintains that if you won the lottery, you'd still need something to do, so why not come to work? Faith says sarcastically that she'd love to strap on a bulletproof vest out of boredom. Bosco suddenly announces that the lottery is a scam. Someone comes in and announces roll call and Bosco is suddenly late. "Morons!" he calls after everyone, even though he is the tardy one. That scene was pure setup, but to what end? Oh, I know: to show that Bosco is a breed apart. A nonconformist. A man comfortable with his own prejudices. Damn, it's only the first five minutes and already I need a stiff drink.

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