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The Day of The Reckoning

At the bar, the final lottery number is announced: 50. Hey, I won! The show's almost over! Jackpot! Ty moans. Sully says he didn't get one number. Everybody is holding a huge mug of beer. "I really wanted to win," Faith says seriously. Bosco says Yokas would have missed him too much. They toast the fallen officer and Bosco excuses himself. "I'll see you tomorrow," Sully says to him as he leaves.

Bosco exits, still in his dress uniform. He takes off his hat and then walks off. In voice over, Bosco says a group of coffee shop employees from Queens won the $70 million and said they'd all be at work the next day. Rudy Granger, Bosco says, was laid to rest the next day. He and Rudy's mother were the only ones there. The funeral, Bosco says, wasn't much, but it was all he could afford. Bosco says there was one other winner of the lottery who never came forward. He says he thinks about the ticket he threw away and whether he would have come to work the next day if he'd won. "Yeah, I woulda been there. You bet I would," he says. Bosco walks down Times Square as the bagpipes and drums start up again.

A title card at the end reads, "One hundred and fifty police officers in this country died in the line of duty in the year 2000." Sober, much? Wow. Bosco's likeable? I'm crying over something the non-emoting Ty did? What the Hell is the world coming to? I can hardly believe it. I guess the world really did go Bizzaro during the long break.

Next week: much more Bosco. Surprisingly, I can't wait.

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