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The Day of The Reckoning

At the station, Yokas and Bosco are reclaiming possessions that were taken after the shooting. Yokas bitches that her memo book is ruined. Bosco says he's not throwing away his Kel-Light. He's had it since they started. Ewww. It's all covered in blood and probably brain matter. Somebody call Harvey Keitel and get some under-the-sink cleaning products. The black woman who was at the scene after the shooting, and who seems to be able to miraculously appear to interject wisdom and exposition into every scene, asks if Bosco and Yokas noticed a guy on a bicycle during the shooting. She says a witness saw a guy on a bicycle. Yokas lets slip that they didn't see anything because they hit the deck so fast. Bosco corrects her by making it sound like they were trying to secure the scene from behind the squad car's gas pedal. Wise Black Woman asks why anyone would have wanted to kill Rudy. Well, maybe because he was a crotchety, withered guy who probably killed a bunch of people as a Navy Seal. Oh, wait, she's talking about Rudy from Third Watch not Survivor Rudy. Got it. Yokas says Rudy was pretty insignificant as criminals go. Now that's just sad. You work your whole life to be a reputable criminal, and some cop calls you "insignificant" after you die. Sad, people. Yokas gets called away to an incident with shots fired at police. They take off.

Sully bolts out of his car and pushes gathered people around to get through. Two cops are lying on the ground. One of them, Marty, is shot in the chest, but alive. Sully tends to him. Ty tries to help another guy who looks like he's been shot in the neck. "Stay with me," Ty tells him. The cop with the neck wound asks for Marty, even though he can barely breathe. Sully says they have to take the bodies now. He lifts Marty up roughly. "We're not waiting for EMS?" Ty asks. Nope. The quick ER inspired music is playing. Two more squad cars arrive. Where's Doc and Carlos? Oh, I see. This is a cops episode, not a paramedics episode. Bosco arrives and, having no way of knowing what's going on, tells Sully that the ambulance is coming and not to move the bodies. Bosco is told by some witnesses that a guy on a mountain bike started shooting up the place. It was a yellow bicycle, they say. "Where's the damn bus!?" somebody yells. Ty tries to calm Neck Wound down. He tells the guy it's not that bad. Yeah, he only got shot by a high-caliber weapon in the neck. The guy, amazingly, is still alive and can almost talk. He's like Wonder Neck Wound Guy. "Look at me, Greg, look at me," Ty says. Greg, the Neck Wound Guy, starts to tell Ty to tell Mary something, but Ty stops him and says, "Tell her yourself." How rude. I know it's all inspirational and trying to keep the guy alive, but you don't tell somebody dying, "Tell her yourself." Because, boom, Greg just died. And he didn't get to tell anybody anything except maybe St. Peter at the Pearly Gates what an asshole Ty is. Nice, Ty. Real nice.

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