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The Day of The Reckoning

At the station, all the cops are listening to the dispatch call from the shot cops. It's pretty terrible. "We're hit, we're hit!" they yell. I would have been yelling, "OOOOOWWWWW!" Everyone looks upset, especially Bosco. Wise Black Woman is suddenly heading up the meeting and says that the suspect sent a nice note saying he's at war with the government, and the cops are the government's soldiers (I thought that was the U.S. Postal Service). So they're all targets. The description is white male, 35-40, beard. Oh yeah, and he's a crazy fella. Yokas asks about the cops' families. She says she hopes the one whose family they're unsure of doesn't have kids.

Hospital. Bosco does like Ben Stiller and meets the family. The Monica Lewinsky-looking Wife of Greg and her moppet son greet him. She's crying, obviously. She's Mary Jane and apparently Ty already met her at the academy graduation, although he doesn't seem to remember. "Were you there?" she asks. She wants to know if her husband said anything. Like maybe her name, which he absolutely did. Ty lies and says he was unconscious and didn't feel anything. I get the feeling that if Greg had delivered a soliloquy that ended with, "...and the wind calls out 'Mary...Jane...' " right before he died, that Ty still would have fed her a load of dung. Ty, you're 0 for 2 today. The woman cries on Ty's lying shoulder. "They won't let me see him," she says.

In the squad car, Bosco is complaining that the new squad cars aren't comfortable like the old ones. Yokas says it's in his head. Just then, Bosco spots a guy on a bike coming up behind him. On a yellow bicycle, no less. He jumps. Yokas and he lean down as he draws his gun. The guy passes without incident. "Gotta keep moving," Bosco says. They drive off.

Hospital again. Ty is leading Monica Lewin- …I mean, Mary Jane, down the hospital corridor as people stand by and watch. They go into an empty room. "I feel like I can't walk," Mary Jane moans. "You don't have to do this," Ty says, charitably. "Yes I do," she slurs. She goes in, totally unaccompanied by any doctor, and sees her husband, who is so blue I start to think he might be part Oompa Loompa. She cries. A lot. My closed captioning says, "Wailing." That she does. All the cops outside, especially a Chris Farley-looking fellow with a walrus moustache, look ashen.

Squad car. Bosco asks Yokas if she believes in fate and predetermination. How very Hobbes of him. Or is it Calvin? Bosco asks the great questions that have plagued mankind for centuries. What if Rudy hadn't stolen the fruit? Why did the cops have to die? What if it was supposed to be Bosco's day to die? Yokas fidgets. "I really want to win that lottery," she says finally.

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