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The Day of The Reckoning

Bosco knocks on an apartment door. A surly looking woman answers. Bosco was about to walk off. He asks if she's Rudy's mom. She says yeah, but he was killed yesterday. She's smoking a cigarette and holding a big bottle of liquor. Hooch. The Hard Stuff. Booze. Liquid Courage. Okay, I'll stop now. Bosco says he knows about the murder. "Did you kill him?" she asks after Bosco says he's sorry. "He was in my car," Bosco says. "You're the cop. I'm not gonna sue you if that's what you're worried about." Bosco says, "No." The woman says her son wasn't always bad. He got straight A's in seventh grade. Bosco, who looks like he's about to cry, says he's sorry about her loss. She asks if he wants to come in or something. Bosco says he's late to work and leaves. The woman looks a little shaken. So does Bosco for that matter.

Bosco bursts into the locker room, rushing to get dressed. He's so late. In the meeting room, Doogie Bateman asks Yokas where da Bosco at. "He's changing, Sarge," she says. Notice how she called him Sarge? He shakes his head and walks to the front of the room. The guy from before walks in and starts giving out assignments. Bosco walks in late. "Sorry boss," he says. The guy at the front says that people were worried cops wouldn't come to work. He's glad they proved him wrong. Doogie Bateman asks Bosco to see him after.

In the car, Bosco tells Yokas he's getting a reprimand. He has to sign it. Yokas tells Bosco he has to apologize. Bosco plays like he has nothing to apologize for. "He was engaged to her," she says. Bosco says it wasn't hard to get the woman to go home with him and it was meant to be. Whoa. So Bosco slept with Doogie Bateman's woman? How utterly fresh of him. "That's right, put an existential spin on it," Yokas says. This is funny like that Sopranos episode where Tony Jr. starts reading philosophy and asking all these questions about death and existentialism and Tony Sr. tells his psychiatrist in frustration, "Fucking Internet!" That's funny. Yokas asks why Bosco was late. "I just can't seem to get my ass here," he growls.

On the street, Sully is complaining that they've seen maybe ten yellow ten-speeds that day. It's amazing, he says, that you start to notice stuff is everywhere when you're looking for it. Ty says he's thinking about Mary Jane (the woman, not the herb, although it would explain a lot otherwise) because she asked him to be a pallbearer. "It's an honor," Sully says. Ty relates a story where Greg and another guy in the academy had to run a distance to pass the academy. Ty stayed back with them so they wouldn't give up, and according to Mary Jane, Greg never forgot that. "I couldn't even remember his first name till his partner said it," Ty says. He looks emotional. He says that if he hadn't helped the guy on that run, maybe he wouldn't have been there and gotten shot. Sully's got no answer for that.

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