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A Rock And A Hard Place

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A Rock And A Hard Place

Tunnel of Drugs. Bosco is talking about the end of Planet of the Apes for some reason -- possibly, because he thinks it's based on his family life. Faith shines her flashlight beam on a trashcan and imagines that odd noises are emanating from within it. They inch closer. Bosco reaches in, freezes, then convulses and screams that something is biting him. Faith shrieks and jumps up and down, both helpful reactions from a trained cop. Amused, Bosco stops quivering and cracks up, because -- aaah! -- he was faking her out the whole time. "We're locked in a basement. It's funny," Bosco says in his own defense. Faith shoots him the kind of withering look that says, "If we were the last two people on Earth and we were naked and had a giant bed in front of us, I'd still vomit on your crotch and turn vegetarian." Faith points out that Doc is lying on the ground bleeding, and no one knows where the hell they are. Suddenly, they notice natural light -- it's a gate of some kind, but it's a false lead. Bosco trumpets that they're at the last stop on the No. 6 train, which is closed for renovations until 2002. He cackles, and Faith curses.

Sully and Ty are talking about women. There's mention of a double date, but Sully's contract explicitly states he cannot get more consecutive weeks of ass than Dennis Franz, so they immediately get interrupted. Sgt. Doogie Bateman barks that Bosco and Faith are missing, and demands that Sully and Ty fire up the car and chauffer him around town to find the miscreant officers. Sully glares at him.

Carlos snags the blanket from the dead man's gray body and drops it onto his dying friend's weak one. He tries to keep giving Doc fluids. Both of these are excellent ways to treat someone with an open wound. When Bosco and Faith return, Carlos pulls them aside and whispers urgently that Doc needs to get out of there very quickly. Again with the ingenuity! Plus, that's extra helpful to know when you consider everyone's complete frustration and the impossibility of an exit and all. Faith looks scared, and Doc breathes raggedly.

Taco Bell, I will never eat your food. Not after that "We Will Rock You" atrocity. The "stop doing that" woman gives me nightmares. I want to slap her.

Alex complains at the firehouse that she's not being treated like everyone else, and she believes it's because she's female. Jimmy listens and fakes sympathy while he tries to fix a leak in the showerhead. Alex then discusses Bobby, and how she wants to let him down gently because it isn't working out to her liking. "I could tell him I'm gay," she says brightly. Jimmy groans. "You just want it to be his idea," he teases. "I always believe honesty is the best policy." They stop and look at each other, then burst into laughter. That Jimmy! Always the lovable cad, joshing about nobility and integrity to the woman who caught him banging a taken babe right before his wedding. As if living a metaphor, Jimmy turns a tiny dripping showerhead leak into a steady flow of water.

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