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A Rock And A Hard Place

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A Rock And A Hard Place

To try and get attention, Carlos bangs on the metal door. Something in me expects him to start yelling "Oklahoma, Oklahoma!" like he's Ruprect the Monkey Boy, banging on his pots again. But alas, Carlos is just Carlos, and they're two flights below street level so the banging is not likely to work. Faith tries tending to Doc, but he's grumpy because Carlos is making pointless noise. Bosco starts moving the heroin around, ostensibly because the thugs might return and if they do, he wants them to be confused -- but more directly, because he wants to handle a hundred blocks of sweet, sweet smack. One pack is worth $130,000, he says, then suggests hiding a few and coming back later. "Whaddya think, Doc. Hazard pay," Bosco jokes, then adds that the hoods won't exactly file a theft report for missing drugs. Yokas removes her coat and covers Doc with it, then sadly retreats toward Bosco. He mentions the missed birthday party but says, "She'll understand. I'm going to tell her how much you wanted to be there." Aw. Faith, touched but depressed, walks away.

Doogie Bateman berates Sully for not driving fast enough, suggesting he slows at yellow lights in the hope that they'll turn red. He thinks Sully is covering for Bosco's disappearing act. "Faith wouldn't go along with it," Ty points out helpfully, but Doogie B. doesn't care. Sully uses the radio to announce they're seeking Yokas and Bosco, and Bateman the Doogster gets angry because if they are out there, they've just been alerted as to just how busted they are. Sully rips the siren and drives off.

Alex approaches Bobby and tries to dump him. He misunderstands and thinks she's wondering why there hasn't been any sex yet. "I have a first-time tradition…" she stammers, then drops her voice suggestively. "Threesome," she breathes. Bobby looks shocked. "Do I know her?" he asks, confused. Alex says it's a "he," and it's Jimmy. "Think about it," she giggles sexily -- or so she thinks -- and she leaves. Bobby is dumbfounded.

Faith, consistent to the point of being obvious, notes that no one has come to rescue them yet. Bosco has found a romance novel and is poring through it, seeking tips in the arts of seduction and Throbbing-Member Management 101. ("Management" training, Omar? Sure.) "Shirtless men and desperate women," Bosco says, describing both the cover and his concept of a perfect world. He then strikes gold -- a box of chocolates is sitting next to the dead guy, and it contains five confections. Unanimously, they agree Doc gets the extra chocolate. Suddenly, Doc starts crying and freaking out, begging Carlos for morphine to numb the searing pain. The wound has stopped oozing, Carlos notes, but that means there is internal bleeding and that's arguably worse. Buoyed into action, Carlos and Bosco flee to find another exit and Faith agrees to watch out for Doc.

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Third Watch




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