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A Rock And A Hard Place

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A Rock And A Hard Place

We switch back to what is essentially the same scene. Dying Doc? Check. Dark and gloomy set? Check. Dead guy on tin throne? Check. Monster yawn from deep within me? Check. Doc is still convulsing, and Carlos posits that he could have a blood clot, or perhaps a concussion of some kind, or -- hey, here's a thought, maybe he has a gunshot wound in his belly that's inching him closer to death. But I'm no doctor. Sully and Bobby, outside, marvel at how well hidden that entrance is, and they call for backup. Faith cries when Carlos reveals Doc has passed out and may never wake up again. Bosco just watches. All I can do is watch. And watch my watch.

The police bust open the door. Faith hears the noise and jerks her head up briefly, and we see Sully shine a flashlight down the dark staircase. Emotionless, Carlos says, "They found us," and it's apparent they think the two thugs have returned for their heroin. Faith and Bosco leap into action, drawing their guns and aiming them at the door, while Carlos drags Doc off into a shadow and tries to cover him. In a back-and-forth that feels like ten hours but probably lasts ten seconds, we see Faith's eyes, the approaching flashlights shining under the metal door, Bosco's eyes, Faith's gun, and Sully creeping down the stairs. That actually requires some acting, as Sully is more like a thudder than a skulker. On Sully's count, they fling open the metal door and everyone brandishes a weapon. Faith recognizes them and immediately shouts that Doc is badly hurt.

Midnight in NYC. Kim radios the dispatcher and describes Doc's condition, calling out his vital stats while Faith and Bosco wrap themselves in warm blankets. Doc slowly regains consciousness, long enough to hear Carlos fill in the blanks on how they escaped and to ask who's driving the ambulance. "I'll drive," Kim says. "Good, because you're terrible," Doc says to Carlos. What fun banter. The hours must just fly by. Meanwhile, Faith hangs up the phone after apologizing to her daughter, but she's clearly still stricken by everything. Bosco tries to reassure her, then bleats something about Chinese chicken.

Sully summons Sgt. Doogie Bateman to inform him that his inappropriate conduct has been reported, and the captain wants to see him immediately. That's Captain Comeuppance, I believe. And as the cameras pull back on New York City, Doc is whisked to the hospital and life returns to normal.

Next week, one of the crew "will fall," according to NBC. Apparently, Doc's brush with gunmetal wasn't enough of a fall to have an inverse effect on ratings. Omar G. will be back to tell you about it, and thanks to his training, he can manage the shit out of this episode. Hee.

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