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The Unforgettable Fire

Ready for an ensemble episode? Me, too.

Previously on Third Watch: Yokas gets beat up while pregnant and is told by her husband, Fred, that she should quit. Kim amputates a woman's leg to get her out of a car and save her baby. Doc gets burnt out on his job. Alex, the new female firefighter, saws through a gate. And Jimmy, in a voice-over, says he loves being a fireman. Random flashbacks, much?

The episode begins with a car on fire on a city street at night. Standing by watching it are (as we pan left to right), Carlos, Bobby, Doc, Kim, Sully, and Ty. Hey, where's Bosco? The fire truck arrives with Jimmy and Alex leading the way with the hose. Alex is holding the hose behind Jimmy. We'll just leave it at that. The two of them start dousing the car with water as some funky music plays. Bosco suddenly appears and seems to walk off in disgust as the others just stand around looking stunned. We're in for one bummer of an episode, it looks like.

In the locker room, Ty and the others are still looking sad. Faith Yokas comes by and asks if Bosco is okay. "It's their own fault," Bosco says. Sully slams the locker and leaves, disgusted with Bosco. Faith looks troubled. Bosco repeats himself. Ty gets up and asks if anybody else feels like getting really hammered. Um, I do. Every Monday night, about 9 p.m. Central time. Faith says she just wants to go home and stare at her kids, praying they don't get any older. Bosco says they will, because he's smart like that.

Carlos spots Bobby at the table and asks why he's still around. He says he's giving Kim a ride and she's still changing. "Women," Carlos mutters, ever the master of observational social commentary. Doc walks by and gets invited by Bobby to go out for a couple of drinks. Carlos jumps at the offer, but Doc says he doesn't drink. "You don't have to drink," Bobby says. Alex walks in and invites herself. When did she become the social butterfly? Bobby says they should go out for drinks, then go out to Coney Island and build a bonfire. Okay, first of all, isn't that illegal? Secondly, you're gonna build a bonfire to get your mind off a car that was on fire? Third, didn't you learn anything from the Texas A&M tragedy? Just asking. Carlos says he's going to get changed and go, and it suddenly becomes clear that he's being ignored, even though he was the first person to say he wanted to go. Ha ha. Carlos is the bitch of the bunch.

Kim sits alone on a bunk holding something. She flashes back to the fire where she stands watching it. She spots something on the ground and picks it up. We come back to Kim on the bed, crying. Carlos comes in and says to hurry up because they're leaving. She gets up and starts to change, wiping tears from her eyes. "Let's go have some fun," she mutters. We go to opening credits.

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