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Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

So the show starts out with the station bell ringing, and the doors to the fire station open, and there is a Lincoln Town Car parked in front of the truck.

An ambulance arrives at the scene of the fire; people are filing out of the building. Bobby and Kim ask a man coming out of the building if everyone has gotten out. The man tells them that Martha and William Green are still in the building. A boy runs out, and Kim asks if he is William. He is, and he says that his mother went back to get their cat. Martha smashes out a window and starts screaming for help because she is burning up. Kim yells up to her that the fire truck with a ladder is on its way, and then wonders to herself what is taking the fire truck so long.

Jimmy smashes the window of the Town Car and tries to put it in gear to move it, but it isn’t working. Someone tells the captain that the closest truck to the scene can get there in five minutes. Jimmy says they can make it in three minutes, so they start the truck and drive it into the Town Car to push it out of the way.

Martha is standing on the windowsill and screaming for help, and that her hands are burning. She tries to climb further out of the window, but she trips and falls flat on her back onto the sidewalk. As Bosco would say, "Oops!" Bobby and Kim run over to her to see if she’s okay, but she is dead. The credits roll. ["Hey -- what about the cat?" -- Sars]

This episode is sponsored by Coke -- enjoy!

Ty and Sully are coming out of a convenience store. Ty took a flyer off from the wall in the store, and now he gives it to Sully. The flyer is for the St. Edward’s Singles Mixer. Sully asks Ty how desperate he is. Ty reminds Sully that he himself has a girlfriend. Huh?! Since when? Does his mother know about this? Sully is all, "I know, so why would you --" and Ty gives him this sheepish look. Damn, Ty, that was harsh. You’ll do anything to keep Sully away from your mother, huh? So then they get a call about a disturbance and they get back into their car. Ty tells Sully he’s only trying to help Sully out, but Sully tells him he doesn’t need any help. I agree that the last thing Sully needs is dating advice from Ty.

The fire truck finally gets to the scene, and Kim sees William and goes over to him and hugs him. Jimmy is yelling for everyone to get to the sidewalk. Kim asks him what took him so long, and then Jimmy notices Martha’s dead body sprawled out on the sidewalk.

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