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Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Bobby is at Matt/Mateo’s AA meeting, and Matt/Mateo comes over and introduces his brother to his sponsor. Bobby apologizes about their mom, but Matt/Mateo is okay with it and starts philosophizing about people making decisions on their own. He leaves to go sit in the special 90-day-medal section of the chairs, and Bobby turns around and sees their mother walk in. She meets up with Bobby and they go to sit down. Their mom is weak. One minute she can’t stand to be in the room with her son, and for good reasons, and the next minute she is out supporting him. Maggie would have none of that shit.

Kim is leaving the station with the kitten and she passes Jimmy sitting by the fire truck. They talk about the kitten and how Joey will react to it. Then Kim asks Jimmy about his ribs. He says they feel okay, but he feels bad about the way he acted that day and the consequences of his actions. It’s about time he learned that his macho-man actions have consequences. He deserved the crack to the head -- maybe it knocked some common sense into him. Kim sits with him and they both look sad together.

Sully knocks on Maggie’s door; Maggie answers in her pajamas and robe, and when she sees Sully she asks if Ty is okay. Sully tells her Ty is fine, and then tells her about Tommy. He says that he wanted to tell her about Tommy because there was no one else to tell, and he thought that wasn’t right. Maggie tells him to hold on, and then she comes out with a big comforter and she sits on the stairs with Sully. Sully starts babbling something about fishing, and he tells Maggie that when you deal with so much tragedy you lose feelings, and the better cop you are the less human you are, and he is just like Tommy (well, except he still has a head). He tells Maggie that he is almost forty-five and he’s all alone, and he won’t see his wife holding their baby or tell his kids not to play ball in the house, and he doesn’t even own a house. Buddy, you’re only forty-four. You have plenty of time to plant your seed into a nice, fertile young woman. Some women can’t resist a man in a uniform -- go out to parties wearing your blues! Hell, if you’re that desperate to have a wife and kids, get a mail-order bride! You’re not dead yet -- start procreating! So Sully keeps whining about not having anything he thought he would have had, and all of a sudden twenty-five years are gone. It’s no one’s fault but your own, Sully. No one locked you in your apartment when you weren’t working. Maggie feels bad for him and tells him that nothing is over and that there’s always time. Yeah, there’s time before Ty comes home from drinking with his friends, so if Sully really wanted to take charge of his life he would have started crawling under that comforter with Maggie and really warming her up, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. But he just gives her a sad look, and she takes his hand and holds it. Fade to black.

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