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Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Sully knocks on the nosy woman’s door and tells her that no one answered the neighbor’s door, and asks if the guy could have left. She tells them that the man’s TV was still on, and he always turns it off before he leaves. Ty offers to kick in the door, but Sully suggests they go to the super to get a set of keys. I would say that Ty was channeling Bruce Lee, but Ty probably doesn’t even know who Bruce Lee is.

Carlos and Doc are bringing some man into the ER when they hear another man screaming and throwing stuff in the waiting room. They run in there, and a Chinese man is yelling at Morales that they killed his daughter; then he runs out of the room. Morales is clearly shaken, and she tells them that the girl had an anaphylactic reaction to the antibiotic (try saying that five times fast) and they couldn’t get her back. The man is running around the ER smashing things, and Carlos wants to call security. Morales tells him it’s all right, and she follows the man into the room where his dead daughter is, and he starts to cry. Morales is about to cry too, and she runs off past Doc.

Apparently, Wal-Mart is the best place to go to decorate your bathroom. From what they showed in this ad, you’d really have to want to decorate your bathroom in a cheese motif.

Kim and Bobby at a restaurant, talking about William. Bobby’s mom joins them. I now realize that this actress may not have been Mrs. Walsh’s maid on 90210, but she was definitely Julia and Mateo’s mother on All My Children. So Bobby’s mom asks him why he invited her to lunch, and he tells her that Matt, whom he is now calling "Mateo" (shout out to AMC), is going to receive his 90-day coin from AA that night, and he wants her to come to the meeting. They start to discuss it when Matt/Mateo walks in. Mom gets up and leaves, and Matt/Mateo gets pissed off because Bobby told him that his mom wanted to meet with him, so he leaves too. Kim is all, "That worked like a charm." Word, Kim. I think schemes like that only work on Aaron Spelling shows.

The super lets Sully and Ty into the apartment, and they walk in to find a man who has blown his head off with a shotgun. Again, some TW people snuck onto the ER set and stole a few buckets of fake blood, because it is EVERYWHERE. ["Hey, head wounds bleed a lot -- especially head wounds in the 10 PM time slot." -- Sars]

Jimmy is directing the fire truck as it backs into the station garage; a man runs up to him and asks about his car. Jimmy starts going off on him about parking in front of a fire station, but the guy doesn’t care -- he just wants to know where his car is. Jimmy tells him the police towed it after the firemen plowed into it with the truck. The guy and Jimmy talk back and forth like they’re going to fight, but the guy backs down because all the other firemen are watching. Jimmy looks all smug. Yeah, Jimmy, talk tough when you have half a dozen guys ready to back you up. Go calm down and place a bet somewhere.

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