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Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Okay, it is a conspiracy. So this commercial starts off with a young woman coming home from shopping to find a note by the door addressed to Nicole, and it’s from her husband, and the note tells her to grab some Michelob Lights and come to the living room. She looks in her shopping bag and gets an idea. Next scene is Nicole going into the dark living room wearing sexy lingerie and high heels with a bottle of Michelob Light in each hand, and when she turns on the light a big group of people yells out, "Surprise!" -- it’s a surprise birthday party for her. She’s looking all sheepish, and her father is giving her husband the stink-eye.

Bobby and Kim load Manny into the ambulance, and Kim tells Jimmy to get in the ambulance too so he can get his ribs checked. Before he climbs into the ambulance, Jimmy tells Bosco to get the address of the guy with the bat, and give it to him.

Detectives arrive at the scene, and Sully tells the one detective that comes to all of Sully’s cases that Tommy was a cop who retired last year. The detective asks if Sully knows of any family they can get in contact with, but Sully doesn’t. Sully offers to get in contact with Candyman to see if he knows of anyone, and then walks into the bathroom and looks into the mirror and says "Candyman" three times. No, not really, but he did offer to get in contact with Candyman and get back to the detective with any info.

Doc and Carlos go to the Chinese family’s apartment. The English-speaking daughter answers the door and tells them that her parents are at the hospital, trying to get her sister’s body from the coroner. I guess that makes it two family members down, two to go, since the parents have already gone to the hospital, so someone at the hospital would know to give them the prescription. Doc tells the girl that her sister had a serious disease, and they need to get medication so they don’t come down with it too. The girl tells them that her father wants to kill them and the doctor. Doc tells her she needs to trust him, and he gives her the address where they can be reached.

Sully finds Candyman and tells him about Tommy -- that he had been living in a little one-bedroom in a crappy part of town. Candyman tells him he heard that Tommy had moved after he was forced into retirement. Candyman tells Sully that police work was all Tommy knew, and then Candyman channels the spirit of David from Real World Seattle and says, "He was good people." Sully asks if Tommy had any family, and Candyman tells him he thinks Tommy had a brother, but he wouldn’t know how to contact him. Candyman starts babbling about how Tommy never socialized and how a big night was his La-Z-Boy and a ball game. Sully has a look on his face like, "Um, that’s a big night for me, too." Candyman goes on about how Tommy was a loner, and that in a room full of people he was all by himself. The man sounds like he was an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

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