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Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Bosco and Yokas drive up to the precinct with Bat Guy in the back of the car in cuffs. When they take him out of the car, Jimmy runs over on the attack, but Bosco stops him and tells Yokas to take the guy inside. Jimmy tells Bosco that if the guy attacked a cop, they would have taken him to a back alley. All of a sudden Bosco is "good cop" and tells Jimmy that it isn’t going to happen.

Carlos and Doc are in their ambulance, and Carlos asks if the Chinese guy is really going to go after them. Doc tells him that the man is just grieving. Carlos tells him that lots of grieving people go out and shoot others. Doc offers to take Carlos back and he can go on sick leave. Carlos says he just should have talked to him first before giving out info on where they’re located. Look, if this guy really wanted to them, he would just wait at the ER and follow them in -- that way he could get the two of them and Morales all at once. Anyway, Doc tells Carlos he’s right, and Carlos doesn’t know how to react because this is the first time he has ever been right about anything.

Bosco is at the precinct, finishing up a telephone conversation, and it sounds like he’s made some sort of deal. He tells Yokas that the homeless guy will get an offer he can’t refuse; two grand and an apartment for six months. He tells Yokas that he can get the apartment since it’s his cousin’s, and Bosco gave him money for renovations that his cousin hasn’t paid back yet. Yokas is all happy he got a homeless man an apartment. So what’s going to happen after the six months is over? The man will wind up homeless again, and this time he won’t have a car to live in.

Ty and Sully are in the car, and Sully tells Ty all about his sister in Orlando. I guess he wants Ty to know who to contact in case he dies, but Ty already knew about his sister because Sully kept making calls to her on Thanksgiving. I guess Sully is losing his memory in his old age. So Ty tells Sully that Tommy was in a deep depression and Sully couldn’t have done anything about it. Sully tells him he didn’t think there was anything he could have done. Ty then invites Sully out for drinks with his friends from the academy that night, and offers to pay for the drinks. Sully declines, but promises that he’ll go next time. Ty has a look on his face like he doesn’t believe him.

Bosco and Yokas go back to the parking lot, but the car is gone. Yokas thinks the guy must have gotten gas money somehow and left. Whatever. He could have had the gas to begin with but just chose not to tell Bosco and Yokas -- it’s not like they asked about it. Bosco feels bad that he couldn’t give the guy the apartment. Well, maybe Bosco can use it whenever he’s on duty and wants to get it on with some chick, so he won’t get caught doing it on camera in some convenience-store parking lot. Again.

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