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Anywhere But Here

Okay, so the show starts with Ty sitting on the steps where Jerry just got shot, and he's looking at all the puddles of blood and watching people take pictures of the scene and taking items and bagging them. Too bad it isn't Bosco's blood all over the place. So a detective asks Ty if he saw the shooter, and Ty tells him he didn't see anyone but he thought the guy went up to the roof, and the detective is totally giving Ty a hard time about chasing someone he didn't even see instead of securing the building. Sullivan comes down the stairs and tells the detective to lay off Ty -- if he wants to go off on someone, he should go off on Sullivan. Boy, Sullivan, it hasn't taken you long to become a father figure. So for some reason Sullivan thinks he has an idea of who the shooter may be, but of course the detective blows him off and doesn't want to hear about it.

Cut to the hospital, and Jerry's wife is pacing around the waiting room while holding a sleeping four-year-old and babbling on about how Jerry didn't have to go to that bad neighborhood and how he had seniority and didn't have to do that kind of work, yadda yadda yadda. Oh, how original -- the older veteran cop has a young wife. That's something you never see.

Cut to Ty and Sullivan in their car, and Ty is all, "I screwed up" and Sullivan is all, "You made a bad call and you'll learn from it." "Bad call"? That's it? The kid repeatedly did what Sullivan told him NOT to do, and let some psycho get away, and all Sullivan says is that he made a bad call? Ty needs a smack upside the head from his mother. So Sullivan puts on the flashing lights and tells Ty that a woman from the building told him that the first guy who got shot hung out with some head case named Michael Daniels, and they have to find him. Ty is all, "Shouldn't we tell the detectives?" and Sullivan is all, "Did they seem receptive to you?" And I should hope they wouldn't be receptive to some fool kid on his first night on the job and the veteran who lets him run wild.

Cut to Yokas finishing a call to her husband on a pay phone. She walks over to Bosco who is leaning against their car and is all, "It's hard to believe, huh?" and Bosco is all, "Medics aren't supposed to go in without us when shots have been fired. If you don't follow procedure this is what can happen." From the man who lives by the book, insight on how to follow procedures. Hello, pot? This is the kettle -- you're black! So anyway, Sullivan drives past them with his lights on and Bosco sees this and blows his load and they rush to get into their car and follow Sullivan.

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