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Anywhere But Here

Cut to Sullivan parking his car outside an apartment building. He gets out and says, "Crap," as Bosco drives up to him. Funny, I always say that when I see Bosco too. Bosco asks Sullivan if he's got anything and Sullivan is all, "Maybe. If we need help we'll call for you." And Bosco gives his patented 90210 "whatever" face and goes, "Yeah, right," and walks past him into the building, and Sully grouses that "he doesn't even know where he's going" and Yokas grouses back, "Like that's ever stopped him before." And I'm hoping that Bosco will start walking up the stairs and get shot point-blank four times.

Unfortunately Bosco doesn't get shot, and the scene cuts to Bosco, Sullivan, Ty, and Yokas walking up the stairs together, and Bosco is telling Ty to put his extra ammo at the front of his belt and that Ty should get a back-up gun like Bosco has in a holster on his left leg, and Sullivan says, "If he falls he'll explode." And Bosco gives him a "whatever" face. As they get to the apartment they think the shooter is in, Yokas is all, "Okay, what happens next? You guys unzip and I get a tape measurer?" and Sullivan is all, "It won't take much more than a kiddie ruler for Bosco," and Bosco bellows, "YARDSTICK!" and Ty starts giggling, and Bosco and Sullivan give him a look and shush him. Oh, I see, those guys can talk as loud as they want, but if someone else makes a sound, forget it. And how clever for the writers to have a woman suggest that the men compare penis sizes. I wonder who they stole that from and made lame. So anyway, they bust into this apartment and all they find is a runaway girl hanging out there.

Cut to Kim and Bobby responding to a call. As they walk to some back alley, they see that the thirteen-year-old girl they helped in the park has OD'd again and gotten dumped in the alley. The woman who called 911 is talking to Bobby and she says she is from New Jersey for some reason, and all I have to say about her accent is that, if the show is filmed on location in New York City, I would think that they could find an actress that has a real Jersey accent and some chick from L.A. with a sorry-ass Jersey-Girl-wannabe accent. So anyway, the non-Jersey Jersey Girl thinks that Bobby is groovy, but Bobby doesn't really pay attention to her, and Kim is slightly amused by it all.

Cut to Sullivan and Ty in the locker room of the precinct. Sullivan is walking out and Ty is still in the shower, but there is only a low wall between the showers and the lockers, so Ty sees Sullivan leaving and asks him if he wants get something to eat, and Sullivan says no, and then Ty is all, "Hey Sul, I'll see you tomorrow." And Sullivan is all, "Right." And he leaves, and that scene seemed so uncomfortable to both of them and really unnecessary as well. I guess the producers thought the ladies at home would like to see a little beefcake, because Ty does have a nice chest.

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