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Anywhere But Here

Cut to Yokas at home, making sandwiches for her kids for school, and if her husband was home all night, why didn't he get off his lazy ass and make the sandwiches? She's out all night making the streets safe for everyone, so maybe he could put a little more effort into raising his kids by slapping some cold cuts on some bread for them. Maybe I expect too much. So anyway, Yokas tells him what happened that night, and he hints that the A&P needs a night stock guy, and she is all, "No stock job at the A&P is going to pay you $30,000 a year," and they bicker for a bit about her job and him wanting her to stay home, yadda yadda yadda. They hug and make up. You know, I would hope that Mayor Giuliani would pay his police force more than $30,000 a year -- I don't know how anyone could live in the city with a family on that amount. Or maybe the writers just didn't bother researching the pay rates of NYC policemen and just threw out a number. Yeah, I'd believe that.

Cut to Carlos sitting around at the station and talking to Bobby about how he froze during the shooting and couldn't help, and Bobby is all, "Do you need a ride home?" Hey Bobby -- way to talk to the new guy and make him feel better. You always know exactly what to say. Not. I guess the writers couldn't find a "feel better" speech to crib from, so they gave Bobby almost no lines.

Cut to Kim walking home, and she sees Jimmy waiting for her outside her building to see if she was okay, and he gives her a belated birthday gift. A bulletproof vest. Aw -- how romantic. How random. Gee, I wonder if, at some time in the future, Kim will get shot at.

Cut to Doc at the hospital with Jerry's wife, and Jerry's wife is still holding that kid. She must have arms of steel or something. The surgeon comes into the waiting room and tells them that Jerry made it through the surgery and he is in extremely critical condition, and that immediate family can see him. Jerry's wife finally gives the kid to someone else to hold, and amazingly all this time the kid never wakes up. So she asks Doc to go with her, saying that he is family, but he doesn't think he should go. So as she walks away, you can see what she's wearing, and her jeans look just like the jeans Yokas had on when she was making sandwiches. You would think that the costume designers would have some originality, since the only time they can cut loose with the costumes is when people don't have to wear uniforms. But I guess I'm asking too much.

Cut to the precinct, and the captain talking about Jerry getting shot and who might have done it. Michael Daniels is a schizophrenic who has gone off his meds, and his mother told the officers that he believes agents of the government are out to get him, and Bosco is all, "They sure are now." And I'm all, "Gee, Bosco, you sure are observant. How come you haven't been promoted to detective yet?" And they are all told to stay away from his apartment, and if they get a call from that neighborhood, they should get a plain-clothes officer to take care of it. So then they all go to get their radios, and Ty is in line with Bosco, and Bosco starts making fun of Sullivan and Ty starts laughing. Um, Ty, it's your second day on the force -- maybe you should show a little respect to the man who you have known all your life and is showing you the ropes? What would your beloved mother think? So Bosco gets his radio and he is all pissed off because he gets one that never works right (that one must not be an Ericsson radio) and he bitches that "I had this radio three days last week!" and the guy who issued the radio says, "Only because I get two days off!" What a fan club Bosco has. And then Bosco goes to Ty, "If you want to be a real cop, get the hell away from Sullivan as fast as you can." And if Ty is willing to take advice from Bosco, I've got a few acres of oceanfront property in Arizona I'd like to sell him.

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