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Anywhere But Here

Cut to Ty and Sullivan in their car, and Ty asks Sullivan for details about his father's killing, and Sullivan won't tell him anything. They stop by the side of the road and Sullivan asks a guy selling cheap watches if he has seen Michael Daniels, and to get in touch with him if he has any information on the guy.

Cut to Carlos and Doc in the ambulance. Carlos asks if Doc wants to talk about what happened. Doc says no and parks the ambulance and tells Carlos to stay in the "rig" while he goes to get something.

Cut to Bosco and Yokas, walking up to Kim and Bobby as they patch up a drunk who fell and hurt himself. Yokas notices that Kim is wearing a bulletproof vest under her shirt and they joke about how it makes her look like she's wearing a barrel, and Bosco leers, "You look pretty good to me." And Yokas is all, "Yeah, but your idea of a dirty magazine is Soldier of Fortune." Wow. What a witty comeback. So Kim and Bobby leave, and Bosco is all, "Did you have to embarrass me like that?" and Yokas is all, "Sorry. I'll go back to letting you do it yourself." I'm getting embarrassed that I tell people I watch this show. So Bosco is about to just leave the drunk where he is and Yokas tells him they need to get the drunk out of the park because kids play there.

Cut to Sullivan and Ty in their car. Ty apologizes for bringing up his dad. They see Doc's "rig," and Sullivan parks next to it and gets out and tells Ty to stay in the car. Ty notices Carlos sitting in the "rig," so he gets out of the car and walks over to introduce himself, and complains to Carlos about Sullivan being "a bitch." Gee, Ty, maybe if you actually did what Sullivan told you to do, he wouldn't seem like such a "bitch."

Cut to Doc and Sullivan in a diner, drinking coffee and talking about Jerry and his condition and wondering why they've never quit. Boy, nice of them to make their new partners sit outside while they socialize. Maybe they'll bring out doggy-bags for Ty and Carlos. Whatever.

Cut to Yokas and Bosco trying to take the drunk to a rehab, but the drunk is banned because he had been there before and bit the director. As they discuss the fact that they can't find a place to bring this guy, the drunk is yelling, "Officer!" from inside the car and Bosco yells, "Shut up!" back at him, and then he suggests they find some out-of-the-way place and dump him. Is that procedure, Bosco? So Yokas suggests they find a church program, and meanwhile the drunk is still yelling, "Officer!" and Bosco is still yelling "Shut up!" and asking Yokas what her problem is, and Yokas tells him that if someone had taken care of Michael Daniels when he went off his meds, maybe Jerry would not have gotten hurt, so they shouldn't ignore a problem until it's too late. Bosco is all, "Not going into a dangerous situation without backup is going to keep you from getting shot!" and as he informs Yokas that he isn't going to save every drunk they come across, a look of satisfaction comes over the drunk's face, and when Bosco gets in the car, he jumps right back out again all disgusted because the drunk took a dump in the car. That silly drunk -- he sure showed Bosco a thing or two about telling people to shut up! What a fresh idea the writers used -- a drunk making a monkey out of a cop!

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