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Anywhere But Here

Cut to Carlos and Doc holding onto the out-the-window guy and struggling to keep a grip on him. Ooohhh, will the guy fall? Oh, the suspense! Not. The firemen come and help pull the guy back in. Whatever.

Cut to Ty and Sully at the precinct. Ty is all annoyed that there was an assault on a prostitute who robbed her customer and no one got arrested, and Sullivan asks him what good arresting would do -- problem solved, so move on. Then Sullivan is all, "You don't like it? Quit. Your mother and I would be delighted," and I really hope Ty tries to make his mother happy. So they see that the cheap-watch guy is waiting for them and he tells Sullivan that Michael Daniels is at an old hotel where a bunch of squatters are staying. Could it be the same hotel that Bosco and Yokas just heard about? Oh, the suspense!

Cut to Bosco and Yokas at the old hotel. Bosco has a huge hard-on by now as he gets all ready to make some homeless people miserable, and he strides briskly into the hotel. Ooh -- commercial break used to build up the suspense! I need to poke myself in the eye with a fork to keep from falling asleep.

Cut to Bosco going up to the second floor of the hotel and he looks like he is ready to crack skulls. He finds some squatters, and with a gleam in his eye, he tells them to leave.

Cut to Doc and Carlos outside of the building, and Carlos thanks Doc for not dropping him. Doc confesses that he couldn't help Jerry either, and that he hid under the stairs, and that he felt really bad about it and couldn't bear to see Jerry in the hospital. Then all of the police cars at the scene leave because they all found out where Michael Daniels is.

Cut to Yokas walking the squatters out of the building and a bunch of cop cars arriving on the scene. Sullivan tells her that they think Daniels is in the building, so she tries to radio Bosco. Since his radio didn't work, he had turned it off. Who didn't see that coming? These writers really know how to throw the audience for a loop, huh? So Bosco is walking around looking for squatters and he finds a guy sitting alone with his back to Bosco. Gee, I wonder who that could be? When Bosco approaches him, the guy turns around and shoots Bosco in the chest. Woo hoo! My hero! A bunch of cops rush into the hotel after hearing the shot and Daniels takes Bosco's gun from his hip holster and mumbles, "Why why why," and he starts shooting into the hall where the police are and while Daniels is looking the other way, Bosco sits up -- Dammit! He had on a bulletproof vest! -- and gets his backup gun from his leg holster, and he stands up and tells Daniels to drop the guns. Daniels drops them, but then he reaches for a gun hidden in the front of his pants (I'm not going there), and Bosco lunges at him, and the two of them sail out of a window and fall to the street.

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