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Anywhere But Here

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Anywhere But Here

Cut to Daniels in the ambulance babbling like a psycho, and Bosco is in another ambulance with Yokas, and Yokas is all happy that Bosco didn't shoot Daniels even though he had the chance to.

Cut to Carlos and Doc in the hospital, visiting Jerry. Doc goes into Jerry's room and sees Jerry full of tubes and starts crying.

Cut to Ty and Sully at a park. Sully has taken Ty to where Ty's dad got shot, and he explains to Ty that a lot of drug dealers hung out in that park and he and Ty's father went to the park twice a day to discourage the dealers from staying. One minute Ty's dad was laughing about something, and the next minute there was a bang and he was shot in the head, and Sullivan didn't know what exactly happened. And in this scene for some reason I can see that they're using Motorola radios, which explains why they have a defective product. So Sullivan is all, "That was the worst day of my life." And Ty is all, "Me too." And I'm all, "Coincidentally, this has been one of the worst hours of my life."

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Third Watch




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