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Smells Like Corruption. That, or Kim's Soul.

Previously on Third Watch: Sully got it on! with Tatiana! Alex, who will be MIA in this episode, told Bobby that he tends to mother people. Sully busted a guy in the head, to Ty's surprise, and then made it clear that even when he steps out of line, Ty is supposed to back him up. Sully tells Yokas that sometimes the thing that makes you a good cop messes you up as a person. Something tells me that line came in earlier this season just so they could use it as a teaser to this episode. Those clever Third Watch writers!

The episode opens with up in a mirror's-eye view of Sully in the morning, presumably the morning he got his freak on with his sexy Ukranian neighbor. Sully runs a hand through his hair, rubs his chin, and acts like Mr. GQ-Smooth. He leans back and rubs a hand over his bosom and stomach, facing sideways. He is the Primp Daddy. He smiles wide, leans into the camera, and checks around for stray zits. It's okay, Sully. They've all been Oxycuted. From behind, I spy a shadow moving. "You look good, John," Tatiana says in her sexy morning-after voice. Sully jumps, turns, and says, "I was just, uh..." That's okay, Sully. Ladies love a Primpin' Man. Don't they? Oh, damn, what if they don't? All those hours I spent in front of the mirror, working on my little pre-goatee! So many years wasted! But, I digress. Tatiana stands in the doorway, wearing one of Sully's police shirts like a tent. Sully says he has a robe if she'd like one, but she smiles, runs a hand through her hair, and says it's okay. She likes to wear a man's shirt. She asks if he wants coffee. Sully says he'll get it, but she says she'll do it. She wants him to shower. Grrrrowl. Sully smiles and says okay. He watches her as she walks to the kitchen. He hates to see her leave, but he loves to watch her go. Oh, yeah. Sully leans forward to the mirror again. "You look good, John," he laughs. Then he showers.

Shot of a Denny's-caliber breakfast. Toast, eggs (sunny-side up), bacon, juice, and coffee. That's a man-meal! Sully goes, "Wow!" Tatiana says she had to bring things from her place because he had nothing. That's because he doesn't eat in much, he tells her. Sully puts his hands on her waist, kisses her on the forehead, and smiles big. "You like eggs?" she asks, in exactly the same tone she asked, "do you like sex?" the night before. Watch out, Sully, if she starts asking, "You like co-signing for credit card?" Sully says he likes it, he likes it. Tatiana tells him to sit. She says she likes to watch a man eat. She stands, drinking her coffee, watching him. Sully tries to put some salt on his food, but his salt shaker is empty. Huh. Tatiana watches him intently. Anybody else creeped out by being watched while you eat? Sully must not care. Tatiana says you can tell a lot from a man by the way he eats. Sully asks what she can tell about him. She says he likes to have fun. Sully asks if he can tell all that from watching him eat. "That I learned from you last night," she says naughtily. Sully's got some hot lovin'. Indeed. Sully says he learned something too -- that his clothes look better on her than they do on him. Sully, your clothes would look better on David Hyde Pierce. But I still love you.

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