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Smells Like Corruption. That, or Kim's Soul.

The car carrying Sully and the IAA fellows pulls into what looks like a nasty part of town. Sully asks if they're gonna kick his ass. They ask about an Officer Jacowicz that Sully used to work with. Sully talks back and they tell him to shut up. Apparently, Jacowicz says that Sully manufactured evidence against a convicted murderer named Rudy Stiles. They tell Sully they're giving him the opportunity to make a deal. He says he doesn't want a deal. They ask him to name some other bad cops. Sully: "No deal." He says he doesn't know anything about anyone.

In the ambulance, Kim asks Bobby what's wrong. He looks mopey and tired. He says he hasn't been sleeping, while Kim bitches about how Joey's videogames are keeping her up at night. Bobby complains that dreams are keeping him up, but he can't remember them.

Kim and Bobby arrive at the scene of a woman at home having trouble breathing. Her husband says she's in end-stage ovarian cancer. Her name is Francine and she is, indeed, struggling. Bobby puts an oxygen mask on her. The woman tries to talk while Kim calls in an order for morphine. Bobby suddenly recognizes her. "Is she a teacher?" he asks. Turns out he had her in eleventh grade. Poignant music plays.

Driving Mr. Doogie. Ty is in the car, playing chauffeur. Doogie Bateman says that Sully is involved in something, but won't say what. He tells Ty where to go, but nothing else. Doogie is an ass: he tells Ty he doesn't want to talk; Ty is just expected to drive. Ty asks what happened to Sully. "I hear a lot of good things about you, Davis," Doogie begins. "Stay away from Sullivan. He's the kind of cop that could dirty a young man's career." Ty immediately says Sully's a great cop. Doogie tells him he can take the advice or leave it.

Sully and the IAA jerks. They're outside the car. They demand Sully's shield and ID, and say he's suspended. Reluctantly, Sully hands over his ID. He stabs his finger removing his shield. He calls the guys jag-offs, which is pretty weak. They approach him threateningly, then hand him back his laundry. "Hey, how am I supposed to get home?" he asks as they get into their car. IAA the first says he doesn't give a rat's ass. Not even one? They drive away, leaving Sully in the lurch. Commercial, so we can seethe over the injustice of it all.

Hospital. Bobby is looking in on his old teacher, who is bent over, moaning. He talks to the husband, but is interrupted by Kim because they have a call. "Be strong," he says to the man. As opposed to...?

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Third Watch




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