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Smells Like Corruption. That, or Kim's Soul.

Sully gets home and is greeted by the lovely Tatiana. "You come home already!" she squeals. Sully brushes her off and says he had problems at work. "What are you all dressed up for?" he asks. She says she got called into work. Waitressing? She says there were police there earlier, but it sounds like she's saying, "Bullies," which indeed they were. Sully enters his apartment and yells "Dammit!" They tore his place up. Stuff, including his guitar, is lying everywhere. "Oh, John," Tatiana says. Sully turns and tells Tatiana not to worry about it. He tells her he needs some time alone as she protests. He closes the door on her, puts on the latch and quietly says, "I'm sorry." Poor Sully.

In the ambulance, Bobby asks Kim if she had a teacher who made a big difference in her life. Sex Ed, I bet. She says it's her English teacher, Mr. Romano. Bobby says it was Mrs. Bradley for him. Bobby says he would have turned out worse than his brother, Matty, if not for her. He attributed his whole life to her: "She was the first adult who ever believed in me. She saved my life."

Bosco and Yokas get back to the station. Yokas asks Ty if he's heard the news. She shows him a newspaper with a bunch of cops on the front page. She says that Jacowicz worked there her first six months and got busted for holding dope, mostly prescription drugs. Ty looks pretty stunned. She says the guy's rolling over on a bunch of cops, including Sully. "Well, what about innocent until proven guilty?" Yokas tells Ty that, with them, it's the other way around. Ty immediately tries calling Sully at home on a conveniently placed phone. Sully is sitting in his living room, stuff strewn everywhere. He's plucking at his guitar, restringing it. The phone rings. Sully doesn't react or answer it.

At the hospital, Bobby visits his old teacher. He talks briefly to her husband, who thanks him: "You gave her some relief. These days, that's a lot." Profound yet meaningless. Bobby goes in and introduces himself, but she already knows him. The teacher says she's happy to be going home. She says she hadn't wanted her husband to call the ambulance until she felt like she was drowning. Drowning, she says, is her big fear. The teacher says she's been coming in more and more often. She compliments Bobby on his uniform, saying it looks better than his old leather jacket. "That jacket was cool," Bobby says. Bobby turns the moment serious and tells the teacher that she changed his life. "It was you," she says quietly. "You were ready for a change. I just happened to be the teacher of record at the time." Nicely, there's no sappy music here. Well, not yet. Bobby asks if there's anything he can do. She says maybe there is. Now the music comes in. She says that the drowning feeling was bad. She doesn't want her husband to see it. Oh, I recapped City of Angels. I know where this is going. She says doctors won't help her. Bobby says, "I can't, I'm sorry." She wants to die and she wants Bobby to be her Kevorkian. "I shouldn't have asked," she says, and begins to cry. Bobby looks down as she tells him it's all right.

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Third Watch




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