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Smells Like Corruption. That, or Kim's Soul.

Sully's pad of depression. He opens the door to Tatiana. "I hear what happened on the news," she says. Sully doesn't hug her or anything. She asks what happened. Sully tells her they say he put somebody in jail that's not supposed to be there. She asks if he did that. "No," Sully says. She says that's great, everything's gonna be fine. "You'll still be police man." Sully bluntly says that he's not sure he wants to be one anymore. Tatiana loses her glow, says, "," and says she should probably go back. Sully agrees. No goodnight. No nothing. Sully closes the door and puts on the chain. He puts his hand on the door. So either Tatiana is after his pension, had a dad who was a cop, or has a deep, dark secret. Something's up here.

Short exchange in the ambulance. Bobby is looking moody and sad. Kim tells him he's a drag when he's like this. Kim, shut your pie hole.

Another knock at Sully's door. "Tatiana," he says, but it's actually Ty. Ty says he tried to call. Sully tells him he's fine. "Guess I'll go home, then," Ty says. Oh, just hug, you men. Sully apologizes if his troubles are causing Ty problems at the station. Ty, a stand-up guy, says he doesn't care about that. "I know you, I know what kind of cop you are," he says. He tells Sully he doesn't believe the accusations and has Sully's back 100 percent. Sully says thanks. "I was really happy this morning," Sully says. "I won't make that mistake again." Sully goes back into his hovel and retreats from the world. Man, who stepped on Sully's karma? Commercials appear so we can feel good about something in the world.

This is such a bummer episode. This makes a bunch of kids getting killed during homecoming look positively cherubic. So Bobby shows up at the teacher's house, this time without Loudmouth Kim. Bobby asks the husband, who answers the door, if he knows about her wish for euthanasia. The husband says he knows. Bobby asks if he's okay with that. The husband is dandy with the idea. The man asks Bobby if he wants to come in and see her. Bobby, looking supremely conflicted, says, "No," and walks back down the hall of apartments.

At the fire station, Kim arrives wearing a hemp-looking ski hat. She scouts for coffee, which blessedly wasn't made by Carlos this time. She asks about Bobby, but he's outside cleaning the ambulance. Carlos gives the eye the whole time she's there. He clears his throat when she leaves, smiling smugly. "She admires me," he tells Doc. Bobby walks in, looking angry. He says he dropped two vials of morphine. Doc tells him where to find the paperwork. Doc says it's okay. Carlos says accidents will happen, like how he dropped a whole bottle of epi the week before. Doc says Carlos threw it at him. "You were being an ass again," Carlos says. He asks if Kim has ever mentioned him, and how he's admired, to Bobby. Bobby pauses, then plays along. "Yeah," he says. Oh, jeez, don't encourage him.

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Third Watch




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