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The episode starts just the way the season opener did: with one of the main characters doing a voice-over. This time, however, instead of Sully lamenting about how much he'd hate to be buried alive, Faith Yokas is getting a little more existential. She's talking about how every once in a while she comes out of the everyday fog that is her life and achieves a day (sometimes even two days) of clarity. She can see the choices she's made and all the decisions that have come to be the sum total of her life. Can you tell that John Wells wrote this episode? As she's saying this, we go from a blurry shape to a focused shot of Yokas as she is running, a pained look on her face. She is in uniform. She says that in August of this year, she could see her life for all the good and bad (the Olympics kinda put a crimper on that August date, huh John?) and her right and wrong decisions. We get a side shot of Yokas running across, looking like she's hauling ass, even in slow motion. She looks like she's packed on some pounds, but it's probably just her vest. When things finally go to regular-motion, we see she's chasing some punk kid through a wet alley. The kid tosses what looks like some CDs over his shoulder (were they weighing him down that much?) and keeps running. Yokas yells after him. Apparently, Yokas knows the teen because she says she knows where he lives and that his mother's going to beat his ass when he tells her. So why does he keep running? They run past storefronts and people with umbrellas. The kid hops a fence and Yokas follows. She comes out of an alley and finally stops to catch her breath. With the many umbrellas around her, Yokas loses track of the delinquent.

Bosco, meanwhile, has had better luck. He slams a little black kid who can't be any older than eleven against a chain-link fence. Gotta teach them police brutality early, right, Bosco? Yokas returns with some of the CDs. She holds out one of them. "Eminem?" Bosco yells. "Eminem? You didn't see the parental warning label?" he tells the kid. The poor kid is sobbing, and knowing that he's not going to get to hear the unedited version of "I Am" later on makes it even worse. Bosco shoves the kid in the back of the cruiser and shows Yokas the knife the kid was carrying. He notices that Yokas' forehead is bleeding. "I got hit in the head with a CD," she says. Bosco affectionately also notices the extra poundage. Seriously, I think it's just padding.

In the car, Bosco once again notes that Fred doesn't know about Faith's pregnancy. Is that all they ever talk about? Bosco tells Faith that it's her fault she's pregnant because she didn't use sufficient birth control. She says she was using a diaphragm (the birth control kind, not the one you use for your singing voice), but it didn't work. Bosco chooses that moment to yell at the kid at the back seat, threatening to take him into an alley and give him a serious beating. Nice, Bosco. Real nice. Yokas tells him to take it easy, then reveals that Fred was supposed to get a vasectomy after their last child was born. "Ouch!" Bosco exclaims. "Ouch! The big snip?" he asks. Bosco, who never heard of a relationship he couldn't pry the intimate details out of, asks why Yokas didn't go on the Pill. "I was on the Pill for ten years!" she yells crankily. "It makes me cranky!" Bosco goes on and on about trust and faith being the foundation of a good relationship. Faith ("Did you just say my name?") just gives him a look.

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