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Next thing we see is a zoom out as Yokas sits on an exam table. She says in a voice-over that it was just before Labor Day. Her husband's team had won a softball game. "Wild Nicole" had broken up with Bosco. All three rape victims identified the rape suspect. And she lied to her husband about something important for the first time in ten years of marriage. The doctor comes in and Yokas lies back. "I'm not sure if we ever know if the decisions we make are right or wrong. I'm afraid they're usually...a little of both," she says. We blur-out on Yokas, facing the ceiling, her eyes blank.

Wow. Stellar episode, seriously. Hats off to Molly Price and John Wells for delivering the goods. Next week: racial profiling, Doc in conflict, Ty in denial, and protests. NBC is calling it "Awakening," just like they're giving weird names to all the episodes in their promos. Ignore them. Just watch the damn show.

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Third Watch




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