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As Yokas and Bosco climb up a stairwell, Carlos is on his way out. He reports that the rape victim is pretty banged up with a hurt ankle and hand. Upstairs, Doc is tending to the woman, who looks severely banged up. He's splinting her hand as Yokas asks if the woman is able to answer a few questions. Doc gives Faith the go-ahead. "You were raped?" she asks the victim flatly. The woman nods. Yokas asks for her name. It's Bonnie Price. As Bosco looks on fiercely, the woman describes the assailant. He was in his twenties, with muscles, short brown hair and tattoos on his arms. She says that in the middle of the attack, the attacker got hungry and made himself a sandwich. Bosco looks at the nightstand and there is indeed half a sandwich lying on a fallen picture frame.

At the hospital, Bosco can't believe the bastard made a sandwich. But he is quickly distracted when Doc comes by to tell them that Morales is examining Bonnie. Bosco asks if Doc wants in on his fantasy football league. It's just a job, huh Bosco? Doc tells Yokas that she is being requested in the exam room. Faith makes a long walk there, and arrives just in time to hear Morales ask the rape victim if there was any anal penetration. Yeah, in case you haven't figured it out yet, this episode is going to be pretty serious. Not a lot of Sully pratfalls or Carlos temper tantrums in this one. Morales lays on bad news upon bad news: she's going to have to treat Bonnie for STDs. There's a chance of pregnancy. And she'll have to be tested more than once for HIV. Yokas, who looks a little uncomfortable (who wouldn't be?) asks if there's anyone she can call for Bonnie, like maybe her husband. Bonnie's husband, it turns out, is in the military and stationed in Germany. She's just returned to the U.S. to start law school at Columbia. As Morales starts explaining what they'll do about HIV testing, the sound fades down as we focus on Yokas.

Out in the hall, Yokas tells Dr. Morales that she and Bosco can come back in a few hours to take Bonnie home. Morales agrees not to release the patient until they return. Faith asks whether Morales knows of a family clinic. And by "clinic," she doesn't mean a place to treat a cold. Morales asks whether Yokas has a gynecologist. Yokas looks like she's about to forget the whole thing, but Morales comes through with a clinic recommendation.

Out under the bridge, look who it is -- Bosco and Yokas again! He's looking at a sports magazine strategizing his fantasy football picks. He asks Yokas for advice, and she cares not at all. In fact, she's eating and wondering what the hell they're doing outside. Bosco says, "Preventing crime." You mean that if they were out and about, Bosco would be committing all kinds of police brutality crimes, right? I think I'll agree here. Best to lay low for the day. Yokas complains that they should be driving around the neighborhood. They receive a call on the radio for someone shooting a fire extinguisher in traffic. Yokas asks if they're going to take the call. Bosco is not compelled to escape from his magazine. Sully is on the radio is looking for them, and they continue to ignore him. Sully is told by the dispatcher that the two are still on the rape case. In the background a car is parked just on the other side of a fence. Yokas asks, as she stuffs her face with snacks and a Pepsi, if they should check it out. "You think he's got a hooker in there?" she asks, which finally causes Bosco to take his nose of the sports rag. He asks if they're going to arrest the guy for parking. Just as Yokas is looking over again, a gunshot is fired, blowing out one of the car windows. They rush over, because that's what cops do when they hear gunfire (unless they're running away). When they get there, the car has started moving. Apparently, a suicide victim (can he really be called a "victim"? Should he be the perpetrator and victim?) has blown his head off, but left his foot on the pedal. The car starts roaming around in circles in the empty field as Yokas tries to stop it. Bosco, as duty calls, stands back and does nothing. Faith frantically tries to find a way to get into the car and stop it. Bosco isn't interested in crawling inside with brains flying everywhere. He's obviously seen Pulp Fiction. Finally, the car straightens out and falls into the water, horn honking. You know, this is about the time that Bosco should get a nice, fat smack to the head, perhaps with a piece of earthen sod. "Now that's going to be a lot of paperwork," Yokas says, not happily.

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