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All right, the commercial with the marauding sperm is hilarious. Just not in the context of this episode.

Yokas gets home wearing a flimsy little white top. Inside, the Fred Who Looks Suspiciously Like a Downtrodden Larry Miller is holding a flashlight and surrounded by candles. It could be a Pier One/Folgers Coffee moment, but just watch. Yokas will find a way to let reality set in. Turns out Yokas forgot to pay the electricity bill. Fred says the kids thought the lights out going out was fun. Except for Emily, who missed Charmed Maybe if she used that iMac to go over and check out the recap later... After sitting down, Yokas suddenly panics. What about all that frozen meat from Costco? Not to worry. Fred has already taken care of it, shipping the meat over to a neighbor. Rather than thanking her hubby for his resourcefulness, Yokas gets upset that everybody will know that their power went out. Um, wait, who forgot to pay the bill? Oh yeah, Faith. The one who is now complaining. Yeah, that's very fair. Fred is carrying around this giant vanilla candle and it looks like he wants to kiss her over it. They start arguing. Yokas is seriously frustrated by their situation. Fred is just taking it. He finally gets tired of being yelled at, but then Faith chastises him again, claiming that she didn't pay the bill because they didn't have the money, not because she forgot. This is the first of several significant lies she tells Fred in this episode. As she storms off, she says she can't and won't live like this anymore. Fred is left in the dark, so to speak.

Next morning, Faith hesitantly makes her way into the Morales-recommended clinic. The doctor she's supposed to see is in, but she'll have to wait a bit. Faith tries to sit and fill out her paperwork, but a baby crying keeps distracting her. We zoom in on her as she gets this spacey Heather Graham look in her eye (which if you've seen Faith's usual facial expressions, you know is a huge coup). She tries again to concentrate on the paperwork, but at that moment a young girl is led out crying by a doctor. Faith is going through what screenwriters call a "dramatic turning point." At least, I think that's what they call it. They could call it "padding the hour-long drama" for all I know. Faith walks up to the desk and tells the receptionist that she just realized she had an appointment and will have to come back. Sure, sister. I'm sure the receptionist has heard it all before.

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Third Watch




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