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Inside the froofy, artsy, yellow-walled boutique, Bosco walks in looking like he wants to be Robert Patrick in T2. Nicole is helping a woman pick out some clothes, and he rudely interrupts. Nicole, foolishly, is happy to see Bosco and plants a kiss on him (he turns and gives her the cheek, but she doesn't notice). Nicole, who looks like she's wearing a blue stain nightgown, giddily rebuffs Bosco's demand to talk because she's with a customer. Bosco follows her around and says he met a friend of hers. "Steve Dukes." He implies that Dukes sounded like he knew Nicole well. "Well, I used to sleep with him, if that's what you're getting at," she says bluntly. He asks how many cops she's slept with. "How many cops are there in New York?" she asks. But when she says it, it doesn't sound sarcastic. Bosco goes way, way, way over the line by saying maybe he should look in precinct toilets stalls to see if her name and number is scratched in the paint. Yokas, who came in with Bosco, puts her hand on her face in embarrassment. Nicole looks hurt. Bosco has obviously never seen Chasing Amy. Nicole fires back hurt and angry: she says that if he wants a list of men she's slept with he should look in the phone book. "I'm sure there's one on every page," she says. This time it does sound sarcastic, but in a very bad way. Nicole rightfully walks off in anger. Yokas looks up to Bosco. "Well, that went even worse than I thought it would," she says.

Next thing we see Bosco and Yokas at the scene of another domestic situation. A man answers the apartment door and in a hyper delivery says his neighbor came over in shock. Apparently, the neighbor was attacked and this guy didn't hear a thing as it happened. A woman is inside, hysterical, and her baby is in a crib crying. There's blood on the bedroom doorway as Bosco looks around the apartment. The woman says that she locked the door and she starts crying. The woman says she was raped. The baby continues to cry. Bobby and Kim make it in. Bobby immediately gravitates toward the baby. Kim examines the woman, who is bleeding from behind her ear. Bosco and Yokas give each other a look. Yep, a serial rapist. This is even more of a downer episode that we previously thought. Yokas gives the woman several head nods as it looks like she's holding back tears or a scream. We go to commercial.

It's nighttime, and in the squad car Bosco and Yokas are driving around. Yokas is looking for the rapist and Bosco doesn't think he'll be out and about. He says the guy just raped a woman -- he won't be out looking for seconds. Yokas says he could be picking up dry cleaning or sitting on a front stoop, thinking he got away with raping a woman while her fourteenth-month-old daughter watched. I suddenly feel like I'm recapping Law and Order: SVU. Out of nowhere, Yokas reveals to Bosco that she went to a family planning clinic that morning. "What did Fred say?" Bosco asks. Fred didn't know, she replies. Bosco gets self-righteous. He says it's selfish. And it's wrong. "And you know it," he says. Yokas fires back, saying that Bosco's surely dropped a girl off at a clinic with $150 and said he's catch up with her later. "That's different!" he says. Charming, he is not at the moment. He is mad because she's married and she wants to get an abortion without telling her husband. "It's my body," Yokas says, staring at the road in front of her. "That is so much crap!" Bosco responds. Bosco says that she hasn't done anything yet because she feels guilty. Yeah, I think Bosco won this argument for the moment.

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