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Four Days

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Four Days

Flash back to L'il Doc at the hospital. The nice paramedics, who seem to have nothing better than do than comfort little boys, give Doc a paramedic pin. The paramedic who puts it on L'il Doc looks just like Leon Phelps, the Ladies Man.

Back at the ambulance. This van's still a-rockin'. And if the van's a-rockin', Doc's still a-pensive. The cops arrive to start busting some heads.

Later on, Doc exits the station. Tanya Adams' mother comes to him and thanks him. She gives him a chocolate cake. (Earlier in the episode, Doc refused a chocolate treat at the bagel shop. Symbolism? Hmmmm.) Doc thanks the woman, who says, "It's just chocolate." "I like chocolate," Doc finally says.

Doc is jogging, back in sweats, but no headphones at all. I keep hearing "Fight The Power" in my head. He gets to the bagel shop. The formerly gregarious bagel shop owner now just gives Doc a dirty look. Doc turns and sees the same two cops from the start of the episode. They give him dirty looks as well. And I bet he wasn't lucky in love with Morales last night, either. Man, can life get any more crappy for Doc? Doc leaves the shop and starts jogging again. We get a voice-over from John F. Kennedy about equality. The episode ends on Doc running again over Kennedy's voice. Where was Malcolm X in all this? Why is it always just Kennedy and King? Well, at least we've got Johnnie here to help us wrap up.

Omar: What did you think?
Johnnie Cochran: It was realistic in that paramedics typically drive ambulances and police officers are prone to carry guns and drive in police cars.
Omar: That's it?
Johnnie Cochran: It was an oversimplification. This man, Doc, he's just now noticing all the inherent racism that he's worked with for 15 years?
Omar: NBC was promo-ing the show as "Awakening." Maybe he was awakening to all the injustice around him.
Johnnie Cochran: NBC is gonna awaken to my foot up their ass if they pull crap like this again.
Omar: Great. Well, thanks, Mr. Cochran. You've been a really good sport.
Johnnie Cochran: You'll be receiving my bill directly.

Next week: Bobby supposedly gets his own episode. Can you feel my anticipation? Props, by the way, to Wing for recording, and to the Über crew for being lovely hosts. Y'all homies got my love.

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