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Four Days

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Four Days

Newscast: A newscaster named Hayley Friend (who is actually Nancy O' Dell from Access Hollywood) is reporting from the scene of the shootings. She reports that five people are "dead or wounded." Doc watches at the station as some other guy sits on a couch next to him. Hayley talks about a woman who was killed, a schoolteacher whom Carlos had treated. She was DOA. "What about Tanya?" Doc asks. "She doesn't rate a mention?" Wait, I thought she was still alive. Don't dead people get priority? The unidentified guy sitting next to Doc says, "I thought they said four others." Doc responds, "As long as they said 'others.'" As they go to the main room, Carlos comments on how hot the reporter his. Kim and Bobby enter. They're talking about the schoolteacher. "A white woman teaching in this neighborhood? She should have stayed out in the 'burbs," Kim says. Whoah! This will be the first of many dumb Kim remarks for this episode. Doc asks about the shooters. They're identified as mid-twenties and black. Nothing more specific. Carlos says he wouldn't want to be a mid-twenties black guy in the neighborhood today. "True that," Kim says. Doc gives her a look. "What?" she asks. "I watch television." Oh, I see. This is the episode where Kim is a dumbass. Er, the latest episode where Kim is a dumbass. Doc looks pensive.

Omar: So, Johnnie, what do you think?
Johnnie Cochran: Huh? Wuzzat? wiping sleep from eyes] Oh, well, you have the issue of inappropriate remarks in the workplace. Paramedics distributing unequal care to citizens based on race. Blood that does not match blood found on the scene of the restaurant. I see Doc as the victim here. He is privy to seeing things as they truly are as opposed to how they are presented to the public. He is a hero. An American hero. I don't think there's a person shown so far that wouldn't lose a lawsuit brought on by Doc if he was my client.
Omar: Want some Cheetos-brand cheese puffs? They're fresh.
Johnnie Cochran: I will gladly accept your offer.

As Doc is organizing in the back of the ambulance, Hayley Friend (oh, that she were a friend) pops her head in to chat. She is indeed comely and perky in a young Mary Hart-but-sexier kind of way. Doc, who is wearing a little undershirt, immediately says, "No comment." Hayley hangs around and chats idly about the scene and throws out journalistic platitudes. "Gotta get the story out..." she says, "people gotta know what's going on." Hayley reveals that she knows Doc was the paramedic on duty at the shooting. She says she knows it's hard to see stuff like that. Then she flirtatiously asks how long he's been a paramedic. Fifteen years is the answer. She says that with that kind of experience, he must have some great stories to tell. Hayley says she does feature stuff on the weekends. Carlos rears his big head into the scene and says they have a "Code 3," which he translates to mean "lights and sirens." Hayley, who looks like she would be impressed by an automated lollipop spinner, is not impressed here. Carlos lays on the pseudo-charm. He says he was the one who actually worked on the schoolteacher. He'd like to talk, and he won't be around tomorrow because he's got a med school test. Doc looks bemused. Hayley nods and smiles and mentions that she's covering the teacher's candlelight vigil. Carlos says, "Yeah, we'll hook up," and gives her the little finger-gun gesture. Hayley turns back to Doc once Carlos is gone and hands him her card. Doc doesn't take it. He comes out and says that there were four other victims and only the teacher was mentioned. "We'll try to do better," Hayley says, with no further clarification.

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