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Four Days

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Four Days

At the hospital, Doc is in plainclothes waiting for Morales. He's looking up at the TV where Hayley is reporting. "Candlelight vigil," he says. Someone standing next to them points out that the teacher was voted teacher of the year three years in a row. "Yeah, well maybe if Tanya Adams was voted Tasty Grill employee of the year for three years, someone would remember her name," Doc says spitefully. Wait, what?

Johnnie Cochran: If she didn't win Tasty Grill employee of the year, you can be assured there would be legal ramifications.
Omar: ...? Johnnie Cochran: Well, there would.

Morales and Doc are walking outside. Doc notices black, beaten men being brought in by police. Morales says that it seems like criminals are having to pass through the ER more and more. Out of nowhere, Doc says, "Five people are shot, three people are dead. I'll save my tears for Tanya Adams." Look, Doc, I know Tanya was cute, but damn! Can you be a little less fixated? A medical examiner truck rolls by, and Doc looks at it pensively. Does everything bother you now, Doc? We go to commercial.

Can I just say that that Mazda "Zoom Zoom" kid scares me? He might as well be saying, "I see dead engines..."

Now it's "TUESDAY." Doc is jogging again. Except on his headphones, he's listening to Martin Luther King, Jr. He stops to watch young black men get shoved into police cars. He is pensive, but you know, I'm starting to think that's a Doc trait that will never go away.

We next see protesters, and cops pushing them back. Bosco greets Doc and bitches that the people are getting better police coverage than the Upper East Side. Doc asks if he should look at the security tape of the shooting to identify suspects he might know from the neighborhood. Bosco says the suspects aren't recognizable. Just two guys. Doc wanders up to the ambulance to find Kim with her hair loose and a tight white shirt on, looking like she's about to film a shampoo commercial. ["She must have the urge to Herbal." -- Sars] She says she's taking over for Carlos as he takes his test. "Hope you remember everything I taught you," Doc says. Kim says she's learned a few tricks of her own (like the one about constantly sleeping with your ex-husband who happens to be engaged to another woman. That one's not even in the handbook). She offers to buy Doc a cup of coffee. He keeps walking. It's Doc's world. We're all just squirrels trying to get a nut.

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